Information: Invest Your Money Wisely

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Every day, millions of individuals around the country depend on up-to-date information about their investments. New product releases, company mergers, industry trends -- they all factor into the ever-increasing world of personal stock trading.

But while some individuals rely on over-simplified and somewhat vague press information for their investment decisions, many investors are discovering that they can receive direct information from companies themselves. Sound too good to be true? Not for subscribers to, Inc.

“There are a lot of investment information sources out there. Unfortunately, a lot of them rely on second-hand sources,” says President Richard Singer. “ provides information directly from individual companies.” is a stock information portal based out of New York that provides subscribers with news releases, financial reports, and other investment information to their personal e-mail accounts. According to Singer, the service is designed to benefit both subscribers and companies. Perhaps the best part about it is that the service is free to the subscriber.

“Companies are always searching for ways to provide information to their stockholders,” says Singer. “Subscribers benefit because they are receiving direct information, and companies benefit because they are reaching shareholders and/or potential shareholders.”

Unlike other investment-based information portals (i.e. Yahoo finance), allows individuals to receive information from a personally-selected list of corporations. In doing so, the company eliminates a lot of unwanted contact from irrelevant sources of information. Subscribers also benefit from receiving information that has not been “filtered” by the sometimes biased national media.

“We allow investors the opportunity to choose who they want to receive direct contact from,” says Singer. “That makes a big difference from an investor’s point of view. There’s more credibility when it’s coming from a direct source.” Currently, offers clients a number of public companies to receive information from.  Singer expects the list to grow as more and more individuals learn about the services that provides.

“Part of what drives our business is consumer interest,” says Singer. “When people are stockholders in a public company and say, ‘I really would like to have the opportunity to receive information directly from your company,’ businesses will respond because they’re always looking for ways to cater to their shareholders. It’s only a matter of time until will have an extensive list of companies for shareholders to choose from.”

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