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I recently went to a free Trump wealth building seminar at the Hilton and I was astonished by the lack of African Americans in the audience. 

I can’t believe “we� will spend hours getting ready for a music concert -- pay hundreds of dollars for tickets; what to wear and the whole night out.  We anticipate it with great excitement -- adrenaline flowing, mouth watering, just can’t wait to get out and see our favorite entertainer do their thing for us.  Two weeks?  Oh my gosh!  Why can’t it be tonight! 

We will get our hustle on to do all sorts of things, but most of us won’t get up and go to a FREE seminar given by one of the world’s richest men!  Let’s analyze what this is about: 

Possible reasons why we won't go see Trump:

1. We don’t like Trump because:

a. Back in the 80s we don’t like some of the things he said.
b. We don’t like his attitude.
c. We don’t think he likes “us�.
d. We don’t like his hairdo!
e. It’s all his fault we aren’t getting anywhere in life because he doesn’t make himself “likeable� to us.

So when we can’t pay off our credit cards, our mortgage, our car notes, or our businesses are failing, or we hate our slavedriver bosses but can’t quit our jobs (plural) because we’re living paycheck to paycheck and are behind in our rent and just got a dispossess, or we’ve got to go back down to the welfare office and sit all day waiting for them to tell us to come back tomorrow, everybody just remember this: it’s all Donald Trumps fault!

Some facts about Donald Trump:

1. Did you know that African Americans, in fact anybody other than the Anglo Saxon white race – even Jewish people – are not allowed in the private country clubs in America’s elite Palm Beach, Florida – no matter how much money you have*?  Did you know that Donald Trump is the only private resort owner in Palm Beach that welcomes African Americans?  Trump’s policy: “My club is for anyone who can afford it�. 

2. Once an unemployed auto mechanic helped Trump get his limo functioning again after it died on the highway. The man was dead broke.  Still, he wouldn’t accept payment for helping out someone in need. Trump was so touched by this man’s kindness and generosity that the next day, he sent flowers to the mechanic's wife and a letter certifying that the man's mortgage had been fully paid off. Now the Donald “we know� would never have done that!  He certainly didn’t have to.

3. Trump is more attracted to people who have made it for themselves than people who are "members of the 'lucky sperm club'".

4. When he wrote The Art of the Deal, Surviving at the Top, The Art of the Comeback, How to Get Rich, he didn’t say, I’m going to make sure this only gets into the hands of white people.  And you know he could have if he wanted to!  He wrote those books for anyone who wants to learn how to have a better life.  How many of us own at least one of Trump’s books?

So, my beloved Sisters and Brothers, while soothing one's soul by hatin’ on “The Donald�,  just remember this – he doesn’t care!  He’s got his.  He’s got so much money he can do anything he wants with it or his time.  But his passion is giving back.  And he’s willing to share the wealth with anyone who is willing to take action to make a better life for themselves and their families.  Not because he needs heads to fill up his seminars.  Believe me – his presentation at the Hilton was standing room only.  Latecomers, beware! 

Note to Donald: Between you and me, I believe you do care.  Shhhhhh!  It'll be our little secret.

You need to check out Trump at

Much love to my people and see you at the top!

*According to The Biography Channel’s “Palm Beach: Money, Power and Privilege�

Brenda Jeanne Wyche, Advocate for Solutions and Results ©2006 is Managing Editor for The Black Star News and Harlem Business News and CEO of Winning Strategies & Associates, a public relations company in New York City. Contact . 

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