Love Doctor: Lenny Green

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Ladies and Gentlemen I had the opportunity to ride the love train with Mr. Lenny Green from 98.7 kiss for The Black Star News. Trust me we were smooching –figuratively speaking—all night.

BSN: Join me as I get an exclusive with the love doctor himself.
LG: Listen I got what you need.

BSN: So Lenny how did you become a radio personality?
LG: When I went to college I was introduced to college radio station. I was overwhelmed by how it came together. Radio became my second love I hosted a Jazz show and the more I was on the air the more I became in love with the world of radio.

BSN: How has your life changed since you became a radio star?
LG: I’m not a star yet. I will say ‘To who much is given, much is required.’ I Take full responsibility in fulfilling my level of success. I am fortunate enough to be blessed with opportunities and I believe in sharing my blessings.

BSN: Well amen to that. What do you love the most about radio?
LG: The unpredictable because everyday is different

BSN: What are you doing that keeps your listeners glued to the radio?
LG: I believe in the art of romance and stimulation starts with the mind and radio is theatre of the mind.

BSN: Okay it’s getting steamy. How do you unwind? Where does Lenny go what does Lenny do?
LG: The best way Lenny unwinds is if he can escape to an exotic place filled with tranquility and sensuality.

BSN: Mhmm. What plans do you have for this year and what should people look out for?
LG: Our Second Annual Lenny Green family Picnic in the summer in Brooklyn –it’s about going home giving back and bringing family’s together, communities together. After the family picnic we will be doing the Kissing After Dark cruise to different islands in the Caribbean—that’s in August, and a yacht party in September. Also little other grown-and-sexy events will be coming up [on my website]. The site gives relationship advice and lifestyle tips. Also I am looking for writers for the site. Anyone interested can go to my site

BSN: What would you do if you were not on radio?
LG: I would be performing because my first love is singing I would probably do what I love the most about radio.

BSN: Will you sing something for me [laughing]
LG: [He sang a tune]

BSN: Okay, that’s too much for my ears. Wow I would love to see you in a broadways show—you give me that feeling, have you ever performed on stage?
LG: You know I did off-Broadway. I had a part in “Mama I want to Sing� which was the longest running off-Broadway show and I have passion for acting. I’ve done a few independent films and I’m taking some acting classes so look for me on the silver screen.

BSN: What’s the ugly side of radio and what should people interested in this look out for?
LG: Don’t be fooled by the smoke screens—don’t be fooled by the false image that the bossiness portrays. It’s a business and should be dealt with as such. Don’t be mislead by the glitz and glamour of the business.

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