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Joe Nunziata, acclaimed author of the book, Spiritual Selling, rocked the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone (UMEZ) in Harlem, New York in August.

Nunziata's presentation entitled, Double Your Sales with The Attractor Sales System™, was hosted by ACCION and Savvy Ladies at UMEZ.  Mr. Nunziata’s interactive approach to teaching business professionals how to remove mental barriers that block success by using Universal Laws to attract prosperity, was euphorically contageous and created a jubilation for everyone who attended. What made Nunziata's presentation so extraordinary and unique is the fact that participants immediately began to reap benefits from the principles taught -- even before leaving the panel.  In fact, the participants experienced empowering results just by being part of the panel.

Stacy Francis, Founder of Savvy Ladies, an organization dedicated to providing financial education to women, co-hosted the event with Jennifer Neil, Community Relations Manager and Director of Women’s Programs for ACCION and Keila Lacourt, Vice President, Business Development, also from ACCION.  ACCION is a non-profit community financial institution that provides FREE credit and business training and offers loans up to $50,000.

To name a few attendees and supporters, Greg Jones, CEO of GJ Presents, Inc., who invited The Black Star News attended, Maurice Coleman, Senior Vice President of Bank of America was present and in support of the event, community icon, Mr. Dallas Bell attended and Candice Sylvester of Figeroux & Associates and Sonia Smith, Independent Sales Director of Mary Kay, who provided a beautiful gift basket to the winner of the Savvy Ladies raffle.

Anyone who really wants to be successful, should get in touch and stay in touch with Joe Nunziata.

JOE NUNZIATA is Author of Spiritual Selling, No More Mental Barriers and No More 9 to 5.  (That right there ought to make you want to seek him out.)

Contact Joe Nunziata at (516) 616-3914 or e-mail

JOE NUNZIATA also conducts monthly tele-seminars at

ACCION:  (212) 387-0494.  Website: or

SAVVY LADIES:  (646) 216-8988  Website:
See upcoming events presented by Savvy Ladies below.

SCORE: (212) 264-4507 between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm weekdays.

GREG JONES is CEO of GJ Presents, Inc.  Mr. Jones is a business development advisor and author of the upcoming book, The Art of Raising Capital.  He can be reached at or  212-252-3535  Website:


September 6th   6:30-8:00   Live Seminar—Make Friends With Your 401(k) and Maximize Your Employer Benefits

                 21st   6:30-8:00   Live Seminar—Your Inner Relationship With Money

October      4th   6:30-8:00   Live Seminar—LongTermCare—What Is It?  Do You Need It?  Can You Afford It?
                 19th   7:00-8:00   Teleseminar—Say So Long to Visa, MasterCard and  American Express—
                                           Debt Management and You.

November  1st    6:30-8:00   Live Seminar—The New Retirement: What Will Retirement Look Like For You? 
                                           How Can You Prepare?

                16th    6:30-8:00   Live Seminar—How to Own a Home on a Savvy Ladies Paycheck

December 14th   6:30-9:00   Fundraiser—Holiday Gala Benefit

Register for any of these workshops at or call (646) 216-8988

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