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Small business owners need to be on the Internet, but most do not have the money, time or technical expertise to set up Web sites and operate in this massive, new worldwide market. William Mobley, chairman of Web 2 Corp, an Internet technology company which focuses on ways to use the power of the Internet, wants to change that.      

This week, Web2 Corp is launching “The International Chamber of E-Commerce (” Just as small businesses may join a local Chamber of Commerce for support and expertise in a specific geographic area, the International Chamber of E-Commerce helps businesses operate on the worldwide Internet.      

“We are all about making it easier and less expensive for enterprising people to realize their dreams,” says Mobley. “We looked around and saw that traditional Chambers of Commerce were not addressing the needs of Internet businesses. That is what prompted our adoption of the Chamber brand.” The Chamber is a resource center that has not previously existed in one place, he explained. “It is a community where virtual business owners can gather, offering a selection of services and products to encourage and simplify e-business. We had one thing in the forefront of our minds: ‘Everything has to be there.’ I think we kept our focus.”      

The Chamber offers information, training and network opportunities, as well as an easy-to-use Web site builder, shopping cart, payment processing, and Internet marketing system made into one simple working bundle. Usually, small business owners have to buy services a la carte. One company may offer only Web site builders, while another builds systems that accepts credit cards. This cumbersome process is often too expensive for small-business budgets.

“We are the non-techie, do-it-yourself solution,” explains Mobley. “You don’t have to know a thing about Flash, Secure Socket Layers, or any other technical aspect of creating and running a Web site. We want you to focus on your business, not on learning all that stuff.”

They’ve made it as simple as choosing a name and slogan, a landing page, and other features from a variety of options offered. In less than an hour, your business is operating on the Internet. Web2 Corp’s new service is so fast and inexpensive that even tiny home-based businesses that rent space on auction sites can now afford to have their own Web sites.

Web2 Corp used to be known as 110 Media Group. The new name “signals our mission to be a leader among the next-generation Web 2.0 companies,” adds Mobley. “We expect to deliver services that were out of reach just a few years ago. The Internet’s massive organic system, which is virtually self-sustaining, is now primed for what we believe will be some of the most useful applications introduced to date.”

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