Remodeler Wins Top Award

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It’s one thing to have the admiration of your customers. It’s quite another thing, however, to have the admiration of your competitors. Just ask 4V Corporation ( President Anthony Cucciniello.

“I think anybody would say that it’s an honor,� says Cucciniello. “I don’t think simply calling it an honor is enough though. I feel it shows me that my methods work--business methods, quality of work, customer relations--knowing that your competitors respect you for those types of things is highly motivating.�      

The honor which Cucciniello speaks about is the Big50 Award presented by REMODELING magazine. The award, which is presented annually to the top 50 remodeling companies in the nation, is based upon several categories. Among them are marketing professionalism and integrity, business practices, unique design, and overall community or industry impact. The Big50 Award is unique in that potential recipients are judged not only by REMODELING magazine, but by their competitors, suppliers, and subcontractors as well.        

“It’s really a remarkable feeling to receive the award in front of your peers,� says Cucciniello. In a statement to the success of 4V Corporation, Cucciniello was also recently presented with an award of his own; in July of 2006, he achieved the prestigious status of Certified Remodeler. To become a Certified Remodeler, individuals must complete a program designed by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. The combination of the two achievements has turned 4V Corporation into one of the most respected remodeling firms in the New York Metropolitan area.

“I’m very proud of our corporation,� states Cucciniello. “The New York Metropolitan area can be a pressure-filled market. We’ve done some work for some very impressive clients, and I can assure you that they expect the best. It’s a challenge our corporation thrives on.�

While many companies might think of the Big50 Award as a sort of pinnacle, 4V Corporation hopes to raise the bar even higher. According to Cucciniello, the challenge which sits in front of them is similar to that faced by any award-winning organization: maintenance.

“Now that 4V has achieved this status, we expect to stay at the top through innovation and quality worksmanship. Yes, we’ve received a very high honor; but now we have to maintain our position under a lot of scrutiny and competition. If nothing else, our customers will no doubt benefit from it.�

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