Royal Caribbean’s Best Unveiled

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(The picture on the right shows Adam Goldstein, President of Royal Caribbean International with Earvin "Magic" Johnson. Photo credit: Hosea Johnson)

Royal Caribbean has done it again!  Freedom of The Seas- the newest addition to it’s fleet of  maritime wonders now holds the coveted position as the largest and most innovative cruise ship in the world.

Evoking descriptions of firsts and mainly superlatives, this 800 million dollar baby boasts of being “ the biggest, newest and most exciting cruise line of all timeâ€?, a claim stated with undeniable pride by Adam Goldstein, President of Royal Caribbean. Guests will certainly agree, after having experienced all fourteen decks of awesome magnificence, guaranteed to induce a series of sensational shockwaves and a blissful trance from which one is reluctant to awake.  

Freedom of the Seas recently revealed a first in cruise-line amenities - an exercise-boxing ring aptly named the PowerBox- at its recent Freedom of Fitness Showcase event. The press conference and ribbon-cutting function held in its state-of-the-art fitness center, was heralded by an A-list of boxing Hall of Famers. Boxing royals Roberto Duran, Joe Frazier, Larry Holmes, Jose Torres and Mia St. John- all gave the symbolic ‘thumbs up’ to this innovation. “Boxing is a contest of intelligence and character manifested through punches. It’s about intelligent decisions made with brains and not only hands�, Torres reminded the audience, emphasizing the two-fold benefit of boxing as a form of exercise. President Goldstein outlined the merits of ship’s fitness program, which also include walking and jogging workouts from New Balance, yoga, pilates, along with other health promoting activities. Not to be forgotten are the spas that pamper you rotten- all designed to keep guests in ship-shape while they indulge in the lazy cruise line pleasures.

And what’s the greatest cruise line in the world without travel agents offering equally excellent service. Here enters the genius of Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, an entrepreneur who embodies Royal Caribbean’s devotion to innovation and excellence. Magic, who possesses an almost prophetic business vision, and a legacy of giving back to the community, has partnered  Magic Johnson Enterprises with Cruise Ship Centers, Gogo Vacation and Royal Caribbean International to launch the Magic Johnson Travel Group. The first multicultural home-based  travel agent initiative, Magic Johnson TG offers home-based travel franchises targeting  African American, Hispanic and Asian-American Franchisees and customers. “I have been privileged to partner with three well respected companies in the travel industry. My company’s role is to provide a trusted voice for Urban America and to pass along entrepreneurial economic empowerment to those communitiesâ€?, stated Johnson in his press release.  Spellbound during his stay on Freedom of the Seas, a promotion that preceded its maiden voyage, he beamed as he encouraged the community to share in this venture, which with its signature ‘Magic’ touch is an assurance of success. The Johnson philosophy that all business ventures must have a redeeming social value resounds in The Magic Johnson Enterprises resume of projects. These include the Magic Johnson Theatres, Magic All-Star Camps, Magic Johnson’s T’s and Magic Johnson Entertainment.

A marvel of the high seas, Freedom of the Seas has a guest capacity of 3, 608 (double occupancy), and consists of suites and staterooms comparable to any super-luxe hotel. Bars and lounges bearing exotic names such as Pharaoh’s Palace, The Crypt and Connoisseur Club provide the ultimate escapist fantasy for any seafaring adventurer. The Royal Promenade- that  masterpiece on deck 5- is the perfect   fusion of eclectic artistry and   classic architecture. It explodes into a 368-foot-long shopping and entertainment boulevard, that along with Art Deco chic Arcadia Theatre and romantic Vintages, are just a few of the many attractions designed to seduce the avant-garde at heart. Epicurean options can be had at elegant Leonardo’s, the casual Windjammer Café, or maybe Asian influenced Jade- just to name a few of the dining locations- where an array of delectable cosmopolitan dishes as diverse as the international crew is served up almost 24/7.

Adhering to its legacy of providing the unexpected (and we’ve only just begun!), guests can realize figure-skating dreams at the Center Ice skating rink, bask in the solarium (adults only), be mesmerized by the commissioned-art decorated interior, or thrilled by the Flow Rider, a simulator that mimics a windsurfing experience. A ‘floating city’ with great respect for family values, it caters to the entire clan at the H20 Zone, an interactive water park for kids and adults. Art Collections abound, the Casino’s a winner, you can challenge yourself up a 43-foot-tall rock or get down to good reading at the Book Nook.  Need to ‘get a life’? The answer can be found aboard Freedom of the Seas.
Royal Caribbean can be contacted at or call 800-327-6700. Magic Johnson Travel can be contacted at: 1-888.GoMagic (466.244) or visit

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