SEO Software Revolutionizes Marketing

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Times are changing, especially when it comes to how businesses market their products or services.

Today, search engine marketing (SEM) plays a pivotal role in the success of many businesses. In fact, during 2006 alone, $9.4 billion was spent on SEM. Most businesses realize how important it is, yet haven’t a clue about how to use it effectively. Many hire someone to help them do it right, which can be very costly and may not be worth the return on their investment.

The solution to this problem has been found in a new SEO software program, RankSense (, which allows users to be more easily involved, and to increase their search engine visibility and effectiveness. The software, designed specifically for small businesses, is being hailed as a revolution within the industry.

“SEM is extremely powerful, but unless it results in a good conversion rate, it won’t be effective and can drain a marketing budget,” explains Hamlet Batista, founder of NEMedia ( and award-winning SEM blogger ( “RankSense was designed for those who are not Internet marketing experts. It helps identify where a site ranks and what needs to be done to have it achieve better search engine results for useful search terms.”

RankSense offers a suite of easy-to-learn and easy-to-use tools that do not require prior technical experience. The program identifies the search terms that are most relevant for a company, and then gives specific recommendations for increasing quality click-throughs. Companies that have used the software find it to be a much more time-saving and cost-effective route to take.

“This software removes the headaches of not knowing what works and what doesn’t,” adds Batista. “It is also a more affordable approach than hiring an SEM company directly, or trying to go it alone.”


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