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For the majority of Americans, debt is a part of life.

Consider, for example, a 2004 article by USA today columnist Barbara Hagenbaugh which stated that the average American carries $4,663 in credit card debt. In recent years, some journalists and politicians have placed that figure closer to $8,000.

While it remains rare to find an individual without at least some form of debt in the United States, perhaps it’s even rarer to find a trustworthy, dependable source for help in eliminating that debt.  John Turner, however, feels he may have developed a solution to the problem.

Turner is president of (, an Internet-based collection of financial professionals which specialize in connecting individuals directly with financial institutions to help them eliminate personal debt. Although many Web sites offer consumers free information, is the first of its kind to actually offer consumers direct solutions to their financial problems at no charge.

“ wasn’t designed to provide any direct debt management or mortgage lending services,” states Turner. “Since we’re not selling anything, we’re not pressured to give certain quotes or biased opinions. We give straightforward, honest financial help to those who need it.” focuses on five distinct areas to help individuals eliminate their debt concerns: mortgage refinance, debt management, student loan consolidation, tax debt relief and credit reporting. By first identifying which areas are of greatest concern to an individual, experts at can direct that individual to the appropriate financial institutions to solve their problem.

“Debt can be overwhelming,” says Turner, “but it can also be managed with the right guidance. Our economy has seen low interest rates for a while now, meaning that a simple loan consolidation or home refinancing can eliminate a lot of the debt pressure that people feel.”

In addition to the guidance of financial experts,’s Web site offers a virtual library of financial information. Debt calculators, articles written by financial professionals and a searchable database are all available for individuals to use free-of-charge. Perhaps one of the most beneficial items, however, is the “Ask an Expert” feature. With this feature, individuals are able to submit a question to their team of financial experts. The experts, in turn, research the question and deliver a response within a 24-hour time period -- all of which is completed 100 percent free of charge.

“Our entire site is based around providing consumers with the best information possible without making them pay anything for it,” says Turner. “We’re a one-stop source for debt elimination.”

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