Sometimes, All That Glitters Is Silver

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When people think of the words “free jewelry,” one thing usually comes to mind -- a small, gift-wrapped treasure received from a loved one on a birthday or holiday.

While the jewelry might be “free” for the recipient, it’s almost certain that it cost the giver a pretty penny. One company, however, is taking the words “free jewelry” to heart -- and they’re changing the way consumers view the jewelry industry in the process.

Silver Jewelry Club ( is a Los Angeles-based jewelry manufacturer that gives its products to customers free of charge. In doing so, the company builds relationships with customers that often lead to sales from their large inventory of diamonds, gemstones, and other jewelry. While unique, the offer is an idea that Amit Vora, company vice president, says works well.

“For more than two decades we have been selling diamonds, gemstones and jewelry to retailers and wholesalers throughout the country,” says Vora. “Silver Jewelry Club is our direct window to consumers. By giving away our pieces for free, we give people an opportunity to feel the quality and craftsmanship of our designs.”

Despite the fact that they give products away, the company is quick to point out that all their jewelry is of top quality. Not only are the pieces made from pure sterling silver, they use real gemstones and are handmade by highly trained craftsmen. They also guarantee the authenticity of their silver and gemstones.

“Competition is fierce in this industry,” says Vora, “and it can be tough to get people to try new brands. We’re simply confident enough in our product to know that people will want more after they experience their first piece.”


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