Take Control of Your Feminine Health With Goddess Body Products

Goddess Body helps women achieve overall wellness through herbal supplements, detoxing, feminine hygiene, holistic courses & men
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Goddess Body Inc. does more than make women's natural health supplements and plant-based feminine hygiene products. The brand founded by Angela Elizabeth Baker in 2011, also educates women about holistic health, nutrition, and bringing mind-body-spirit into harmonious balance. Baker's passion is rooted in helping women care for their bodies holistically, as too many women are not properly educated about their bodies or health from a holistic perspective or traditional one at that.

According to a 2021 study, out of 1,400 women, 94% failed a rudimentary women’s health quiz. And 1 out of 4 women couldn’t correctly identify the vagina. This is known as the female health education gap – and it’s one Baker helps to close.

Goddess Body helps women achieve overall wellness through herbal supplements, detoxing, feminine hygiene, holistic courses & mentorships. The products offered by Goddess Body can be used both internally and externally, such as the Yoni Oil and Wash – one of its anchor products and one of the first by Goddess Body to go viral. This duo is pH balanced and antibacterial and antifungal. Then there’s the popular 28-day Cleanse, which is their best-selling supplement that balances hormones and eases painful periods.

With over a decade in the feminine health industry, this empowers Angela Elizabeth to continue to lead with education first, and be transparent about her company's ingredients, production, and rigorous quality assurance procedures.

Baker wants to emphasize the integrity and safety of her products and that they are made with the intention of helping other women heal.

The brand is also launching a school, Goddess Academy, in the late fall of 2022. The academy will offer a variety of holistic courses, holistic practitioner certifications accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, as well as mentorship opportunities. For those who aren't interested in becoming a practitioner, Goddess Academy will also offer courses on how to build a holistic brand and more.

Shop Goddess Body products today!: https://goddessbody.net/?_kx=Znu4olwbOpJP0HleKfbqekcSOhirFEWs4a43tIo5-as...

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