The Apprentice’s Mark T. Lamkin

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(Syndicated News) If you've seen the show, you know the story.  A cast of eighteen successful entrepreneurs competes for the chance of a lifetime, an opportunity to hold a position within The Trump Organization and become Donald Trump's apprentice.  This season Donald Trump only wanted the best, so he hand-selected the candidates who would have the honor of being on his show.  What was he looking for? How does he measure success? We took a closer look into the life of one candidate to find out.

When we decided to feature a candidate we looked for someone who truly defined the word "successful".  The candidate whose name kept popping up on our radar had already met his target net worth of over a million dollars at the tender age of 35; his name is Mark T. Lamkin. 

Mark is founder and CEO of Lamkin Wealth Management, a highly successful financial planning firm with securities through Linsco/Private Ledger (LPL).  He specializes in retirement planning, 401(k) funds management, and is among the top two percent of LPL firms nationwide.  His firm provides many other services including wealth planning, trust services, estate planning, risk management, small business planning, and financial management workshops.  Mark says he started Lamkin Wealth Management with one goal in mind - to help make the financial world clear and understandable for his clients, so they can avoid costly mistakes. 

His love of business and negotiation are obviously among the things that caught Donald Trump's eye.  Mark attributes his success to challenging himself every day.  He believes that the greatest rewards come to those who are willing to leave their comfort zones.  You have to think of every challenge you face like an opportunity.  If you don't take it head on, it passes you by.  Mark says that his experience on "The Apprentice" has proven this theory to be correct. 

Mark's achievements are so well known that business owners across the country are approaching him to give motivational speeches.  He now offers businesses and organizations a specialized speech named, "Where Have All The Butterflies Gone?"  It's a speech that's aptly named since Mark believes that the uncomfortable feeling of having butterflies in your stomach is the best sign that you are ready to move to the next level of real achievement.  Designed to connect with individuals, and inspire them to achieve their dreams, Mark delivers to the audience the tools needed to succeed.

He also has written a guide to assist retirees in obtaining financial freedom called "Millionaire's Roadmap".  It's a step-by-step guide that explains all you need to know about planning a successful retirement.  He offers this guide and his other services online at his website

Donald Trump was right on the money when he picked Mark to be on the show.  Mark's success is apparent in every aspect of his life.  "The Apprentice" offers a life-changing opportunity—and I think we all know what Mark Lamkin does when opportunity comes knocking, he answers.

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