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Ask anybody in the mortgage industry how business is going, and you’re likely to receive the same answer: tough. A sinking economy, an over-populated rank of brokers, cut-throat efforts to secure loans -- they all have contributed to the ever-increasing number of brokers packing their bags and clearing their desks.

One Chicago-based broker, however, has watched the trend with a smile. Scott Tucker, owner of both Roscoe Village’s Tucker Family Financial Services, Inc. and Tucker Marketing Systems, Inc. (, developed a system that has received acclaim from some of the top personnel in the industry. The result? A man not only enjoying his career, but a man willing to share his method with others.

Tucker, often referred to as the “Mortgage Marketing Genius,� regularly gives seminars explaining the techniques he used to secure an income of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Once a man dedicated to national defense -- he was selected for duty at the White House as a member of the U.S. Navy -- Tucker has turned his discipline and dedication into showing others how to build a mortgage and loan business.

“It takes a willingness to learn, but it can be done by the right people,� says Tucker. “There are simple steps to follow -- the same ones I took -- and if a person follows the steps, a lucrative career will develop.�

Many of the steps that Tucker speaks about refer to methods developed throughout his personal experience in the industry. Converting loan applications to an automated process, developing display advertisements that more than quadruple ad costs, and utilization of direct mail pieces all highlight his seminars. While many of his critics put a negative spin on his methods, Tucker defends his technique as a simple method of organization.

“It’s all about prioritizing the important aspects of the business,� states Tucker. “Knowing where to allocate time, knowing where to delegate tasks, knowing when to automate certain services -- that’s what separates successful individuals from the non-successful.�

Despite his busy schedule, Tucker has also outlined his techniques as a co-author of four books with businessman Dan Kennedy. “The Ultimate Sales Letter,�  “The Ultimate Marketing Plan�, “No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs,� and “No B.S. for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses� all highlight the releases of 2006. The topics within his books often relate to the topics Tucker speaks about at his seminars.

“I’m very selective about my seminars, including the people I select to learn my techniques,� states Tucker. “The techniques I teach to people work. And they work quickly -- otherwise I wouldn’t be teaching them.�

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