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The past couple of generations have seen a dramatic change in the way kids are entertained. Children used to spend time playing outdoors, reading and using their imagination. Today they spend more time being entertained by electronic entertainment sources than any other generation in the history of the world.

In the whirlwind of artificial stimulating entertainment, many children and parents are opting to return to simpler, more thought-provoking toys. Arkitecky Toys (, located in Vader, Wash. is a company at the forefront of making such toys available.

Televisions, computers and especially video games have taken this generation by storm. The International Council of Toy Industries reports that around $25 billion was spent on video games throughout the world during 2003. Of that, 41 percent of total sales that year went to America. That’s a lot of money being spent on entertainment that many researchers say robs children of the opportunity to truly use their imagination. “Our toys are unique from so many others that are available today,� explains JoLe Miller, a former special education teacher and chief executive officer of Arkitecky Toys. “Ours are known for promoting creativity and fostering a sense of imagination.�

As rare as it is today, their toys are actually made in America and are hand-crafted. A combination that makes you appreciate the company even more. Their product line is comprised of large construction sets that are capable of becoming structures and designs. Children are limited only to the extent of their imagination.

“Arkitecky Toys™ are becoming popular in so many places,� says Miller. “Not only are they designed to be enjoyed by families, but they are also designed to be used in schools, hospitals, and play centers.�

These toys are very popular with special education facilities, especially those that care for children with autism. This is due in part because it’s believed that children with autism are drawn to toys that they find to be visually interesting. It’s also a good idea to pair these children with toys that allow for a great deal of self-expression. The entire product line at Arkitecky Toys excels in meeting such criteria.

“We may be a small toy company,� explains Miller, “but we take great pride in the way that we run our business and the products that we offer.� Most toys today are routinely made out of the country and out of cheap materials. But this company prides itself on making toys made out of hardwood that will keep them in great shape for generations to come.
“When people are looking for durable toys that encourage interaction and imagination, we hope that they’ll turn to us,� says Miller. “We love the opportunity to put a smile on every child’s face and provide them with hours of fun.�

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