Top Black Investor’s Offbeat Big Money Deals

Solomon RC Ali
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[Solomon RC Ali]
Solomon RC Ali Corporation, Ai's consulting firm, scouts and works with profitable small and medium sized businesses, many of which are minority and Black-owned.
Photo: Allison Kugel

Black Businessman Solomon RC Ali is giving out investment and business tips.

According to veteran journalist and Amanpour & Co. host, Christiane Amanpour, "the racial wealth gap all comes down to Black Banks."

Now, add to that, a Private Equity Investor and Investment Consultant for businesses with a unique approach to connecting Black and minority-owned businesses to capital and investing in businesses that many investors overlook.

Meet Private Equity Investor and Investment Consultant to Small Businesses, Solomon RC Ali. He has helped minority-owned businesses raise $250 Million in structured investment capital and he's not stopping there…

Yes, Rock Quarries are a thing… and not just on The Flintstones. For Solomon RC Ali, they're paying seven figures in returns with no signs of slowing down.

Cigar and whisky lounges are still thriving in pandemic times "because vices never go away, and we are acquiring abandoned location leases for pennies on the dollar."

Partnering with reality TV star, Lisa Nicole Cloud (Bravo's "Married to Medicine") to invest in COVID testing labs are also big moneymakers for Ali.

Welcome to the offbeat and extremely lucrative investment portfolio of one of America's most successful Black investors and investment consultants to businesses, Mr. Solomon RC Ali.

Yes, those are three of Ali's most recent big money deals. His investment choices may sound a bit quirky and off the wall, but the man knows what he is doing, and his dividends do the talking.

Solomon RC Ali Corporation, Ai's consulting firm, scouts and works with profitable small and medium sized businesses, many of which are minority and Black-owned, helping his clients navigate the shark infested waters of raising capital, scaling their businesses and, in some cases, going public to enable these businesses to gain cash infusions through selling shares. In addition, he and his team track down unusual business models with potential for major growth and invest in them to help them scale and gain market share at breakneck speed.

Ali is also a master of the "Roll Up." Ali explains a Roll Up as raising capital for the purpose of acquiring competitive businesses within a particular region and rolling them up into a business he has invested in, to eliminate competition in that region. "For example," he says, "if we invest in a building maintenance company and want to gain rapid market share, our tactic is to then acquire any other maintenance companies in that geographical region, making them a part of our maintenance business to roll up market share in that particular region."

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