Tricia Hall, Ready For Success

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Where She's From: Lovely Tricia Hall was born in Phoenix Arizona, and raised in Southern California.

“One of the most important things my mother taught me growing up as a child is to stand strong for what I believe in and allow no one to manipulate my character or change my mind in the things I’m passionate about,� she tells The Black Star News.

“Individuality is what makes us all beautiful and unique. My mother is very strong willed and allows nothing, not even an illness to stand in her way of getting things done. Having respect, courtesy and consideration for others are also great attributes inherited by my mother’s upbringing.�

Hall attended a business college for a couple of years and studied law for a short period. She later changed her major to Business & Marketing.  “I’ve been in business development for 15-plus years,� she says.

Where She's At: Her current client list spans multiple markets from telecommunications, television production companies to artist management agencies for each of which she identifies business development opportunities including strategic partnerships to help all  maximize revenue and artist exposure.

“In addition, I am the Co-founder of an innovative media company preparing to launch a powerful social networking application designed to keep musicians connected to their fans on the go,� she adds. “I’m independent, making my own hours playing by my own rules. I appreciate my freedom; however I’m not yet satisfied and continue to strive for more.�

Where She's Heading: Hall’s 2007 agenda includes ventures in television production, revolutionizing social networks and continuing to build fruitful relationships in and around the entertainment industry. “God willing, I intend to be extremely influential.�

Obstacles are part of growing anything in life, she says. “Being both a woman and a minority in business, I have been faced with challenges in having to prove myself more than others by far.  A firm handshake and direct eye contact when handling business will usually set the record straight.� 

How does Hall prepare before she steps out? “I would have to say I favor BEBE because of what it stands for-- To be or not to be. It’s all about choice. I love using body-butter because it gives your body silk soft skin; I never leave the house for a night out on the town without putting on a touch of flavored body powder, honey, by Sephora. Babyphat Golden Goddess by Kimora Lee Simons is one of my favorite perfumes when going out. She represents power and class. True Star Fragrance by Tommy Hilfiger for more casual outings and Nine West is one to name when choosing shoes.�

Hall’s Words Of Wisdom:
“To get what you’ve never had, you must do what you’ve never done. You must be willing to step outside your comfort zone, think outside the box and dare to be different. Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.�

Hall’s Secrets Of Success: “I believe in respecting others as well as self, having integrity is a primary key to success. Never sell out for what you do not believe in only to get ahead. You’ll lose more at the end of the day by doing so. Keep your eye on the ball and your head in the game. Stay focused and do not allow anyone to tell you that the possible is impossible. Managing your attitude is another key factor. The difference in success and failure is not how you look, not how you dress, not how you’re educated, but how you think.�

Hall’s Favorite All Time Three Movies: “Boiler Room, Indecent Proposal and
Hall’s Favorite All Time Three Books:  “Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki,
Don't Sweat The Small Stuff by Richard Carlson, and The Millionaire Mentor by Greg S. Reid.�
The First Three Things Hall Would Do As President Of USA: “I’ve always dreaded being asked this question. I think it’s a very difficult seat to sit in and hard shoes to fill. I guess I would probably start with addressing the future of Social Security, as millions of baby boomers approach retirement the programs annual cash surplus will shrink and disappear. Secondly, I would create more programs to help improve the financial literacy and education of our youth. Last but certainly not least, I would follow through in promoting national Family Day to encourage family values and the importance of stable and loving relationships between children and parents.�

Some of Hall’s upcoming events. The Access Entertainment Productions Artist Showcase featuring R & B singing sensation Shawn Rivera and beautiful rising star Heidi Marie Thursday, January 25th at upscale nightclub Aura in Studio City, CA. For more information click the link below:

Access Entertainment Productions Official Website: or visit

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