Twin Lawyers Team Up To Keep Grandmother’s Legacy Alive

Alice and Alicia Crowe are identical twin lawyers turned sauce-entrepreneurs
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Alice and Alicia Crowe are identical twin lawyers turned sauce-entrepreneurs who are now working on a different type of case, bottling and selling Emmaline’s All-Natural Hot Sauce, a family-owned line of hot sauce that is three generations old and is made from their grandmother's original recipe.

As proud graduates of Howard University School of Law, the two have been working together for 20 years as attorneys in their own practice handling legal cases, but now they are teaming up to keep their family legacy alive.

Love that sauce

"If you love good home-style cooking, then you know you've got to have this sauce. We make our hot sauce the traditional way with fresh peppers, herbs, spices, and simple homespun goodness, just like our grandmother, Emmaline. A thick, rich, smooth well-seasoned peppery flavor that leaves just enough kick on your tongue to spark your joy!" says Alicia, who practices real estate law and is the author of the book Real Dads Stand Up! What Every Single Father Should Know About Child Support, Rights and Custody. Alicia spent over two decades training service providers and helping single dads and mothers navigate the legal system and stay connected to their children. Alicia also performed a live tribute album to the late Alberta Hunter on Spit Slam Records.

The legacy

“The re-launch of Emmaline’s All-Natural Hot Sauce is driven by customer feedback during the past challenging year, and our desire to take what our mother started and keep it going. People sent us email telling us how much the sauce meant to them. Mom’s hot sauce was a comfort food that was also healthy. We knew we had to resurrect it back on the market,” says Alice Crowe who handles the firms' civil litigation.

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