Watchout MySpace–Here’s Oddpodz

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Online social networking has become the new thing to do. People around the world are being brought together through shared interests and networking like never before possible. Social networking has become so popular that Nielson/NetRatings reported that, during 2006, the top ten networking sites saw a 47 percent growth.

The latest online social networking buzz surrounds Oddpodz (, a Tampa, Fla. based global nation for creative people such as artists, photographers, writers, producers and chefs. Recently, Oddpodz announced the opening of its virtual Muzeum, making the online destination a fully functioning social and e-commerce network for its citizens.

“After almost a year of planning and development, we are thrilled to open the doors to the Muzeum,” explains Karen Post, CEO of Oddpodz. “It’s the first virtual building space where creatives can express themselves, showcase and market their work, and socialize and collaborate with other creatives from around the world.”

The Muzeum takes the concept that pioneer online social networks like MySpace created for the masses, and carves out a place for a segmented group of like-thinkers. The site offers a user-friendly interface that provides citizens with a variety of ways to socialize, vent and do business.

“Often, creative people work alone,” says Post. “But they still have a need and desire to socialize with others who share their creative desires. The Muzeum allows them to do just that. Along with showcasing and soon having the ability to sell their work, they can journal, post events and feel like they truly belong to a community of creative individuals. Although Oddpodz is new in the online networking world, it has received tremendous interest, with over 14,000 registered users before the virtual doors opened, and we are thrilled.”


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