Women’s Love For Shoes

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Women worldwide have a common denominator; which has spawned an International understanding.  It exists in every woman’s home.  Its addictive force is the “she’s gotta have ’emâ€? syndrome.

Spoken in any language – bata (African), zapatos (Spanish), chasseurs (French), scarpi (Italian), sabot (Arabic), kafsh (Iranian) or kutsu (Japanese) the universal synonym is shoes!  High heels, mid heels or flats.  Boots, sandals, sneakers or pumps.  Girls we’ve got it good and that makes us bad.  The joy of pursuit is in finding that perfect ending to that boss ensemble.  This year the diversity is explosive – pointed toe, square toe or rounded.  The fabric selection is your choice.
Some manufacturers have attempted to outsmart us with man-made materials that are smart sexy and a double-dare to our pockets.  My personal and professional principle is if the shoe radiates the overall look buy it!  If wisdom and technology produces new and notable materials, let man have his just reward as we seize the moment in time.

We so love shoes that we will buy shoes that are not comfortable.  Podiatrist and Chiropractors benefit from the design structure that tortures our feet and alters our posture.  Beauty and discomfort are not synonymous with shoes.  Long term effects of joy and pain can be detained and in most cases prevented until nature takes its course in biological graphics.  As time taxes us with age we can defy the dreaded day when we can no longer strut in high heels by taking care of our feet.  Weekly or bi-weekly visits to trained professionals for foot massages and pedicures, accompanied by an annual
Podiatrist exam buys you time.  Alter the foot pressure by not wearing high heels on a daily basis without a form of release.  Switch periodically to flats and line your shoes with shock absorbent pads.

A welcome flash from the past is the “Espadrilleâ€? which is defined in Webster’s dictionary as a casual shoe with a canvas upper and a sole of twisted rope.  This description is just what summer comfort is all about.  The variety of colors are great for mixing and matching with casual wear.  This year the use of silk and satin has been utilized and the results are fantastic.  The use of these fabrics in addition to the original canvas material takes the “Espadrilleâ€? to another level.

The “Wedge Heelâ€? is back showing off its dynamic formation.  This unique design not only looks fabulous it wears well.  Comfortable and sexy designs in many-sided materials.  Who could ask for anything more?  It’s such a goodie that you can hold on to comfort even while wearing a 3-4 inch wedge heel.  We can add this to our hot-hit list! Some women are just in lust with shoes. Fail-safe shopper Dani Dougan a successful Dental Hygienist, tossed her head angled slightly to the side causing her dreadlock tresses to gently sway.  Dani smiled as she placed her synthetic cash on the counter, she then exclaimed, “Buy the shoes the outfit will come!â€?  Now girls don’t you just love it?

Ponder this what would life be like if you only owned one pair of basic black shoes?  How devastating the thought.  The average work-class woman has 5-10 pairs of black shoes.  Envy was grave-green world – wide when Philippines 1st Lady Imelda Marcos flaunted beauty and power x 1,060 pairs of shoes.  Someone can always do it better.  Crowned to the thrown is Film Forum of NY Producer Ramona Diaz – 3,000 pairs of shoes.  Those that are cloaked with that grave-green color would view this as outrageous.  If I could wear her shoes I would say, “Man I feel like a woman!â€?  In all our obsession we hide them from our husbands, boyfriends and often ourselves.  I overheard a conversation in a shoe store, “Ma you already have those shoes remember? I don’t think you’ve worn them.â€?  This statement of discovery was from a young 11 or 12 year old young man.  Supernatural diva Patti Labelle collects them, struts in them on stage then kicks them off for the world to see.

Women unite in joy and harmony anywhere on earth that shoes are sold.  I say to the men of the world, for every one pair of shoes you have a woman has ten.  Increase your footwear and increase joy, peace and love!

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