AG Announces Investigation into Death of Black Child Killed in Police Chase

New York Attorney General’s Special Investigations and Prosecutions Unit has opened an investigation into the death of Monica Go
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The New York Attorney General’s Special Investigations and Prosecutions Unit has opened an investigation into the death of Monica Goods, who died on December 22, 2020, following an encounter with law enforcement in Ulster County, pursuant to the Attorney General’s authority under Executive Order No. 147.

Executive Order No. 147 confers upon the Attorney General exclusive authority to investigate and, if warranted, prosecute cases in which a law enforcement officer causes the death of an unarmed civilian, as well as cases in which the Attorney General has determined that there is a significant question as to whether the civilian was armed and dangerous at the time his or her death was caused.

Editor's Note: Monica Goods, only 11-years-old, can now be added to the list of Black people whose deaths were caused by the heavy-handed actions of out-of-control police officers.

We're told Monica was killed during a police pursuit, when Monica's father Tristan Goods, who was driving the car, allegedly, fled the scene of some purported vehicle traffic violation. Because of the routine lies and deception of police we cannot assume this is necessarily true.

However, even if Tristan Goods did flee the scene of a traffic violation, was chasing the car a responsible action? What kind of traffic violation is worth risking innocent lives in a high-speed car chase--especially, when police could take the license plate number and send a ticket to the address listed on the car?

Once again, what we see here is likely another example of irresponsible policing that has left an 11-year-old dead.

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