Apollo Uptown Hall: The Harlem/South Africa Connection

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Harry Belafonte


Apollo Uptown Hall: The Harlem/South Africa ConnectionSunday, October 12 at 3PM

Co-hosts: Dr. Felicia Mabuza-Suttle and Michael J. Feeney

Panelists: Harry Belafonte, David N. Dinkins (106th Mayor, City of New York), Milton Allimadi, Professor John Higginson, Ron Kunene, Sade Lythcott, George Monyemangene and Voza Rivers.

Music & Performace by: WBAI-FM's "No Questions Asked" DJs and SAHAVO Choir.

For the last event of the Apollo Theater's four day Africa Now! South Africa festival, see social activist/actor Harry Belafonte and the 106th Mayor of New York City Mayor, David N. Dinkins, return home to the Apollo as panelists of this Africa Now edition of Uptown Hall.

Co-moderated by the Africa Channel’s Dr. Felicia Mabuza-Suttle and NYABJ President Michael J. Feeney, this discussion will focus on Harlem’s enduring social, political, and cultural relationship with South Africa, from the Harlem Renaissance, to Nelson Mandela’s historic visit here in the 1990s, to the opportunities and challenges both places face today.

The Apollo’s Uptown Hall series addresses a diverse range of cultural, social, and political issues important to the Harlem community through dialogue and debate. Other panelists include Black Star News publisher Milton Allimadi, Professor John Higginson, actor Ron Kunene, National Black Theatre CEO Sade Lythcott, South African Consul General George Monyemangene and producer Voza Rivers.

There will also be a celebration of New Heritage Theatre, music from WBAI-FM’s “No Questions Asked” DJs, and a performance by the SAHAVO Choir.

Location: Apollo Mainstage

This event is FREE and open to the public

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