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Attorney Tahanie Aboushie's statement: "We are disappointed, to say the least, that the NYPD has permitted Cristiano Moura to continue to target Adams by weaponizing law enforcement against Adams, who is without question, the victim here."
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The attorney for Jasmine Yvette Adams (also known as Jasmine Yvette, above) is accusing the NYPD of aiding her alleged assaulter Christiano Moura.

Yesterday, Attorney Tahanie Aboushie (of the Aboushie Law Firm) spoke out regarding the issuance of a desk appearance ticket (DAT) that was given to Jasmine Yvette Adams. Ms. Adams alleges she was threatened with arrest by the NYPD in the aftermath of reportedly being assaulted by a Christiano Moura in November.

The statement reads as follows:

"Jasmine Yvette Adams was issued a desk appearance ticket (DAT) by the NYPD. We are disappointed, to say the least, that the NYPD has permitted Cristiano Moura to continue to target Adams by weaponizing law enforcement against Adams, who is without question, the victim here.

"On November 24, 2019, although Moura physically and verbally assaulted and harassed Adams, Moura then refused to press charges when asked by NYPD officers. Since that night, Adams has stuck to her story and insisted Moura be arrested for his egregious actions until the NYPD finally held him accountable on December 5, 2019.

"Recently, in his pursuit to retaliate against Adams, Moura made false claims to the NYPD as a basis to issue Adams a DAT. The citation is based upon false allegations that were made by Moura almost one month after he physically attacked her in a violent fit of rage while yelling racial slurs, which resulted in injuries to her face, body, and hands.

"We urge the District Attorney to take immediate action and denounce Moura's disgusting attempts to intimidate Adams and to decline to prosecute her. The focus must remain on holding Moura accountable instead of the age-old practice of discrediting victims like Adams."

Incident Background:

On Sunday, November 24, Jasmine Yvette, a recent graduate from City College and intern with the award-winning radio show The Breakfast Club, hosted the "The Glammy's" in Midtown Manhattan. Following the event, Yvette ordered a Lyft Pool, where she was the first passenger in the vehicle before a White male named Christiano Moura was picked up.

During the Lyft shared-ride, Jasmine scrolled through her Instagram when, for a brief moment, a sound from Yvette's phone played out loud. Moura then aggressively demanded Jasmine turn the volume off. Yvette stated that it only played for a second, and in response, Mauro said: "You must be one of those ignorant, uneducated Black Bitches" and proceeded to assault her violently.

Moura grabbed Yvette's phone and yanked it out of her hand with such force that he shattered the screen. Moura then lunged towards Yvette and attacked her, he balled up his fist and repeatedly brutally punched her in the face, head, and body. Yvette attempted to push Moura off her, then he bit her hand, causing her to bleed.

Once the Lyft driver pulled over, Yvette was able to free herself from Moura, and the NYPD was called to the scene. At the scene, an officer told Yvette she could either go home in a yellow cab or go to jail because she also risked being arrested for defending herself if she insisted on pressing charges against Moura. Feeling distraught, scared, and overwhelmed, Yvette decided to get in a yellow cab and head towards the emergency room where she was treated for multiple injuries.

Moura is due in court on Dec. 23. on the assault charge.

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