Black Star News Show Interviews Shaheed Muhammad, Author Ted Glick

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Host Milton Allimadi interviews Brother Shaheed Muhammad and author Ted Glick.
Photo: M. Allimadi

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Host Milton Allimadi interviews Brother Shaheed Muhammad, one of the organizers at the December 12 Movement of the up-coming August 15 National Reparations Day protest rally at the Trump International Hotel at Columbus Circle at 2 PM.

The rally is one of several events planned to coordinate the demands for Reparations—other events will occur on the same day in other parts of the country. The rally also honors Marcus Garvey whose birthday is on August 17. Brother Shaheed also discusses how the December 12 Movement continues the legacy of Malcolm X's internationalism, connecting the Diaspora African struggles with the continent's.

Allimadi also interviews author Ted Glick about his new book “Burglar For Peace—Lessons Learned in the Catholic Left’s Resistance to the Vietnam War.”

Glick discusses the importance of European Americans “Unlearning White Supremacy.” He discusses how he was inspired by “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” and Muhammad Ali’s anti-war stance to become a resister. Glick and his compatriots used to sneak into federal buildings to steal and destroy draft cards and other records.

Glick and other colleagues (including Catholic priests) were convicted and, while imprisoned, hit with additional charges of plotting to kidnap Henry Kissinger. Are some of the “burglary” lessons relevant to today’s Black Lives Matter struggles? Where are the Catholic Left today in an era when Cardinal Dolan pens an asinine New York Post OpEd praising the police?

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