Debate: Who is the Greater, Malcolm X or Dr. Martin Luther King?

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Greys, left and Clay, right

[Community Announcement]

Clarke House Debate #2  Topic: “Who is the Greater, Malcolm X or Dr. Martin Luther King, Sunday,  February 8th 3:P.M.

Two renowned activists, Omawole Clay, of D-12 Movement advocates that Malcolm X is greater.  Michael Greys of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care  is convinced that Dr. King  stands alone as a revolutionary.

Brother Omowale who has embraced Brother Malcolm’s belief “by any means necessary” is an activist with a proven record of struggle, sacrifice, courage and victory. “Malcolm is my hero” he declared.

Michael Greys, founding member of 100 Blacks of Law Enforcement Who Care said, “There can be no question that Dr. King is without equal. He successfully challenged  racism and changed life for Black people world wide, and never fired a shot.”

Both activists are chomping at the bit to prove their point of view. The audience will certainly benefit from information coming from two veterans of the struggle for justice.

Dr. Jeffries debated Basir Mchawi on who was greater: DuBois or Garvey in the first debate.

The Dr. John Henrik Clarke House is located at 286 Convent Ave, Harlem New York.

Admission is free  Call:  347-907-0629

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