Lauding Elevation of Black Top Deputy, Barron Still Calls For NYPD's Bratton's Ouster

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First Deputy Chief Philip Banks -- window dressing for flawed policy?

Official Statement By New York State Assemblyman Charles Barron

I will continue to support and lead the charge for Commissioner Bratton to go.

NYPD under Bill Bratton is out of control! We are still being Stopped & frisked, brutalized and killed by the abusive use of deadly force.

We are not looking for a change of complexion of the NYPD leadership but a change of direction of the policing policies in our neighborhoods.  We acknowledge this elevation of Philip Banks to Deputy First Commissioner, is a direct reaction to the pressure of our “Bratton must go movement".

Yes, it's important for people that police our neighborhoods to reflect the racial composition of our Neighborhoods. But from Ferguson to New York City we will not be fooled by the promotion of blacks that continue the racist abusive deadly policies by law enforcement in America. 

We still say, Bratton must go, and take his broken window theory with him!

Charles Barron

NYS Assemblyman-60th District-

(D) District Leader-60th District-


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Operation P.O.W.E.R

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