M4BL To New Jersey Gov: Time To Release Sundiata Acoli

support of the fight to release former Black Panther and elder Sundiata Acoli.
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The following is a message from The Movement for Black Lives regarding the urgent health situation of political prisoner Sundiata Acoli:

Today, we are writing in support of the fight to release former Black Panther and elder Sundiata Acoli. This year, on January 14th, Sundiata spent his 84th birthday in a prison cell and his health is deteriorating in his late stage of life. The Bring Sundiata Acoli Home Alliance (BSAHA), has regrouped and is committed to utilizing this moment to bring Sundiata home this year after 48 years of tortured incarceration. Sundiata is an educator, mathematician, poet, profound visual artist, mentor, and grandfather.

Sundiata suffers from advanced dementia, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, emphysema, post COVID 19 symptoms and glaucoma. He also still suffers from lingering COVID-19 symptoms. His life and health are in jeopardy as he continues to battle harmful prison conditions.

Sundiata Acoli was convicted in the murder of New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerester in 1973 and sentenced to life in prison. A life sentence in New Jersey means that he was eligible, by law, for parole after serving twenty-five years. Sundiata has repeatedly expressed his heart-felt remorse for decades. In his 2016 appearance before the full parole board he said; "I offer my deepest remorse and sincerest apology to Trooper Foerster's family for my crime and I hope it will be accepted in the spirit offered and provide them with a measure of solace and peace.”

The BSAHA is calling for NJ Governor Phil Murphy to release Sundiata Acoli immediately! We are calling on allied organizations and institutions to support Sundiata by signing and sharing this petition. We welcome collaborations and partnerships to help secure Sundiata’s release. Sundiata’s life depends on us. We must #BringSundiataHome now!

Toward justice,

The Movement for Black Lives

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