March 2, WBAI Radio's Black Star News Show Discusses Scandal At NYC Corrections

Officer Winkfield
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Officer Winkfield in uniform before he was wrongfully locked out.

Tune in to “Black Star News Show” on WBAI 99.5FM Radio also streaming on, March 2, 2021, at 3PM Eastern Time as host Milton Allimadi discussed “Scandal At NYC Corrections Department” with Correction officer Donald Winkfield.  

Norman Seabrook, the former president of the NYC Correction Officers Benevolent Association (COBA), is headed to prison. One person who won’t miss him is correction officer Donald Winkfield. In the 1990s Winkfield was a champion of fellow African American officers who were discriminated against—many were wrongfully terminated for frivolous reasons— and he also exposed corruption and racism at the Corrections Department, handing our flyers all over the City. He developed a wider audience when he started writing a column called “Scandal At Corrections” for Black Star News in the late 1990s, continuing to expose corruption and other injustices within the department. 

Winkfield’s articles were so powerful and having so much impact that COBA sent an officer, Elias Husamudeen, to pay a visit to Black Star News’ offices where he unsuccessfully tried to convince publisher Milton Allimadi to drop Winkfield as a columnist. When Allimadi refused, Husamudeen said he’d only paid a visit out of courtesy because “this is how we normally handle things”—and he tapped at a concealed weapon on his waist band. 

Needless to say, Allimadi didn’t drop Winkfield’s column and he also wrote a column exposing Husamudeen’s visit and the threat. 

But wait until you hear what happened to Winkfield next after he sustained a serious injury—breaking his right ankle and almost severing his foot—during a drill on the job. Hint: Winkfield has been trying to collect his paychecks for the last 21 years from his job.

Tune in tomorrow at 3PM for the story also streamed on 

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