Nova Z & Librarian Rosemarie Borsody
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PHOTO: The Black Star News' Youth-Journalist Nova Z & Lee Town Public Services Librarian Rosemarie Borsody stood in solidarity recently at the re-opened Lee Public Library in Lee, Massachusetts after both being burned by St Mary's Elementary School nearby. Some call Lee Town Library- the last remaining Carnegie library in the Berkshires- one of the best public libraries in the country.

The Lee Town Library in Lee, Massachusetts is outraged at St. Mary's Catholic Elementary School for falsifying quotes on their school website's front page praising St. Mary's kids as better than the "other students who visit the library" and attributing them to the Lee town public services librarian Rosemarie Borsody.

The Lee Library Director, Amanda Merk, is poised to write SMS' Principal Jennifer L. Masten a stern letter of rebuke requesting the scandal-ridden-catholic-school cease and desist and take down the fraudulent quotes attributed to Mrs. Borsody.

Currently the website has three quotes at the bottom of its front page. The one in the middle reads as this:

“Your students are a cut above the other students who visit the library.” - Rosemary Borsody, regarding 4th and 5th graders during their recent visit to the Lee Library.

"First of all they got my name spelled wrong," an irate Rosemarie (not Rosemary) Borsody told The Black Star News.

"Second, would I ever make a blanket statement like that? Absolutely not!" Borsody said. This whole thing upsets me to no end because..."

Borsody was so upset she needed a moment to collect her emotions and thoughts.

"I am not OK with that on there (SMS Website). It really annoys me," Borsody said.

SMS is currently embroiled in another scandal revolving around the school's white priest, Fr. Brian McGrath and white principal Jennifer Masten (wife of Greylock Federal Credit Union executive John S. Masten) who both expelled The Black Star News' Youth-Journalist Nova Z- the only Black female at SMS and who has had NO disciplinary record- the day before her birthday.

"I am very sorry, I have known Nova for years and she is a wonderful child," Borsody said. She added that she ironically thinks SMS is a "bad" school - particularly in terms of racial sensitivity- "because there is no diversity."

Borsody was also disturbed that SMS would try and claim their "students are a cut above the other students who visit the library" to "begin with." The very notion that they(SMS) think or want to promote that their un-diverse white children they're better than other children "is unsettling," not Christian.

Borsody explains she vows to get the record straight, even though she is in a tough spot.

"Now I am in a situation where I have to go to the Director of the library and the board and explain this. I would never allow myself to say anything like that, anywhere- most certainly not as the Lee public services librarian. Let's get this straight- somebody up at SMS said I said this in a conversation but they can't spell my name right? Seriously? I have been interviewed several times by the local papers over the years and they always ask- 'What is your name? How do you spell it? What is your title?' So that too is very strange. "

The issue came to light after Nova Z and her father, New York City true-crime author and investigative journalist Toby Rogers were talking about the SMS falsified Borsody quotes after Masten expelled Nova the day before her birthday. Masten had emailed Rogers the fraudulent Borsody quote a year or two prior and he was trying to find it along another email with an anonymous quote from a "visiting parent" praising SMS that didn't seem right. But he was having trouble locating them in all his emails.

"I found them," Nova Z said after a few clicks at her laptop.

Both of the quotes were posted at the bottom of the front page.

The other quote, from an anonymous "visiting parent" reads:

We’ve visited a lot of schools, and I can’t explain the difference that we felt at your school. There was just a feeling of….warmth, friendliness, acceptance. You don’t often ‘feel’ the difference in a school, but we did today."- Quote from a visiting parent

The falsified Borsody blurb on the front page of the SMS website parallels another example of falsified allegations Masten made to the Department of Children and Families in 2017 that were debunked by the Berkshire Family Probate Court three weeks after Masten made them- labeling her allegations "unfounded (having no foundation or basis in fact)."

The Black Star News broke this story in SCHOOL OF HATE: Without Any Disciplinary Record, Only Black Girl Expelled Day Before Her Birthday: https:


Could Masten herself be the author of the fraudulent Borsody and the gushing "visiting parent" quotes?

The Black Star News reached out to SMS and they did not respond.


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