New York Commission Recommends Raising Age of Juvenile Jurisdiction To 18

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Michael A. Hardy

Michael A. Hardy, General Counsel and EVP of the National Action Network released the following statement regarding Governor Andrew Cuomo's Commission on Youth, Public Safety and Justice:

“I am honored to have had the opportunity to serve on the Governor’s Commission on Youth, Public Safety and Justice. I am confident that the recommendations and reforms outlined by the Commission will serve as a foundation to our Governor and the state legislature to bring about the changes needed for juvenile justice in New York. Raising the age of juvenile jurisdiction to 18 is the right thing to do. Our youth are our future and we must not let another generation pass without reforms that bring justice for the citizens of our state. As we celebrate the life, the work and sacrifice of Dr. Martin L. Luther King, Jr., for a better and fairer America; we commit to the work necessary to bring about a more just, more effective and necessary reforms on juvenile justice."

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