POP Announces George Floyd March on 53rd King Assassination Anniversary

People's Organization For Progress (POP) will march for George Floyd
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Photo: YouTube

The People's Organization For Progress (POP) will march for George Floyd, voting rights, and a $15 minimum wage on the eve of the 53rd anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The march and rally will take place on Friday, April 2nd, 4:00pm, starting at the Lincoln Statue, 12 Springfield Avenue, Newark, NJ.

The statue is located at the intersection of Springfield Avenue and West Market Street.

“In honor of the anniversary of Dr King’s assassination we will march to demand justice for George Floyd and all victims of police brutality, a $15 minimum wage, and an end to Black voter suppression,” Lawrence Hamm, Chairman, People’s Organization For Progress stated.

“On Friday we are marching for an end to police brutality but we are also marching for economic justice. We demand a $15 minimum wage now and ultimately a living wage for all working people,” Hamm said.

He said that POP wants the elimination of poverty through a guaranteed minimum income, a federal jobs program to eliminate unemployment with jobs at a living wage, universal health care with Medicare For All, free college and the elimination of student debt, a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures until the end of the pandemic, cancellation of rent and mortgage payments, and a national program to provide free child care.

“On April 2nd we will march against voter suppression especially those efforts aimed at Black voters. There have been 253 bills introduced introduced in 43 state legislatures designed to decrease voter participation,” Hamm said.

“This is an abomination. The attack on voting rights today in the 21st century is worse than that of the Jim Crow era,” he said.

“We urge everyone who upholds the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr and wants to continue his fight justice and peace to march with us,” he said.

Those planning to attend the demonstration are asked to wear masks and practice social distancing.

For more information contact POP Chairman Lawrence Hamm at (973)801-0001.

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