Press Conference Today: Opponents Of Racial Profiling Praise Judge's Rejection Of Stop-And-Frisk

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'Win some, lose some'? Mayor Bloomberg: Judge's ruling deals blow to Stop-and-Frisk racial profiling


Council Members & Advocates to Praise Decision in Stop-and-Frisk Lawsuit, Denounce Bloomberg as Out-of-Touch.

Ruling of administration’s policy as unconstitutional confirms existence of racial profiling, need to override Bloomberg vetoes of Community Safety Act

Press conference to applaud decision in federal lawsuit against Bloomberg administration’s stop-and-frisk policy, support reforms to ban profiling and ensure accountability.

WHEN: Tuesday, August 13 at 2 PM

WHERE: Steps of City Hall, Lower Manhattan

WHO: Council Member Jumaane Williams

Council Member Brad Lander

Council Member Robert Jackson, co-chair of the Council’s Black, Latino & Asian Caucus

Communities United for Police Reform

Center for Constitutional Rights

Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition

Council members

New Yorkers impacted by stop-and-frisk, discriminatory policing

Mayor Bloomberg vetoed the two Community Safety Act bills to ban discriminatory police profiling and establish independent oversight of the NYPD that were passed by a veto-proof majority of the City Council. Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly have opposed City Council legislation to ban discriminatory profiling and establish oversight of the NYPD, claiming allegations of racial profiling were overblown.

A federal judge ruled the Bloomberg administration’s stop-and-frisk policy violated constitutional rights by racially profiling Black and Latino New Yorkers. The judge’s decision and the failure of the Bloomberg administration to remedy its unconstitutional policies demonstrate the need for laws to establish an enforceable ban on discriminatory profiling and independent oversight of the NYPD.






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