Queens Man Alleges State Supreme Court Judge Margaret McGowan Protects Lawyer Who Had Affair with his wife

Dimitri Bourianov
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Dimitri Bourianov in front of State Suprene Court in Queens county.

A Queens man claims State Supreme Court Judge Margaret McGowan tried to force him to settle his divorce case because one of the people his wife was having an extramarital affair with is a prominent Queens real estate lawyer who she’s trying to protect. 

The lawyer, Richard Lovell, started having an affair with his wife around 2017, the Queens man, Dimitri Bourianov, a Ukrainian immigrant alleges. Lovell and his wife had sex in his apartment in the living room and kitchen while their young children were at home in their bedroom. Lovell and Bourianov’s wife also exchanged sexually explicit e-mail messages and pornographic photographs, using devices that the children possibly had access to, Bourianov has alleged.

Bourianov filed for divorce from his wife in 2018. The couple married in Russia in 2010. 

Bourianov alleges that even as she carried out the extramarital sex with Lovell, his wife was also having an affair with two other men. One was a neighbor named Michael Rogers, who lived on the same floor in their Forest Hills, Queens, apartment complex. The other was the super of a Manhattan apartment where the Bourianov’s first lived when they moved to New York in 2015. Bourianov has alleged, and e-mail messages exchanged between his wife and Lovell show, that on some occasions she’d leave the children with Rogers so she could have sex with Lovell. His wife also left the children alone—at that time ages three and six 6—in the apartment several times while having sex in Rogers’ apartment, Bourianov alleged. 

Bourianov said Rogers lived with his girlfriend and two children in their building. Apparently, each of Bourianov’s wife’s three lovers didn’t know about the other. All of them have been called to testify. 

Bourianov is a retail performance manager with an Italian jeweler, and the the lovers were with his wife while he was at work or traveling. He alleges that even though the evidence shows his wife neglected their children to pursue her sexual relations—and jeopardized their welfare by having sex with Lovell in their apartment while the children were present or leaving them alone multiple times—he still had to resist numerous attempts by Judge McGowan to force him into a 50/50 custody settlement with his wife because she wanted to protect the lawyer. He claims the judge said he would order him to pay his wife’s legal bills if the case went to trial. The couple’s children are aged nine and six now.