WBAI’s Black Star News Show Interviews Dr. Osose Oboh, Dr. Mohammed Nurhussein

TUNE IN TO BLACK STAR NEWS SHOW ON WBAI 99.5 FM OCT 20 @ 3PM Eastern Standard Time.
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TUNE IN TO BLACK STAR NEWS SHOW ON WBAI 99.5 FM OCT 20 @ 3PM Eastern Standard Time. In today's show, we interview Dr. Osose Oboh on the small percentage of Black doctors in America in the program's first half, followed by an interview with Dr. Mohammed Nurhussein regarding the current situation in Ethiopia.

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Opening-Music: Aye Africa! By Franklin Boukaka

Top Half-hour Host Milton Allimadi Interviews Dr. Osose Oboh


Oboh, a fourth-year medical student at Michigan State University and president the Student National Medical Association (SNMA), breaks down the problem and discusses possible solutions. Dr. Oboh provides information for aspiring medical students of African descent to tap into resources to cover expensive tests and preparation classes needed to get into medical school, and how to access scholarships. Dr. Oboh explains how she still finds time for full-time photography.

You can see her beautiful photography on Instagram @ososee

Mid-Point Music: “Celio” By Franco & TP OK Jazz

Second Half-hour Host Allimadi Interviews retired Ethiopian-born medical doctor and author of a memoir “Made In Ethiopia,” Dr. Mohammed Nurhussein.


Last year there were celebrations in Ethiopia and throughout Africa when prime minister Abiy Ahmed was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Since coming into office, Abiy had ushered in a new era of reconciliation, he’d freed imprisoned political prisoners and journalists, liberalized the political space, and launched a drive to cement a permanent peace deal with arch enemy neighboring Eritrea. Yet, one year after being awarded the Peace Prize, Abiy’s country is being pulled by regional forces of separatism. There have been political assassinations and inter-ethnic violence. The country is also embroiled in a bitter international dispute with Egypt which claims a new Ethiopian dam will disrupt water flow from the River Nile into Egypt.

Can the center hold? Dr. Nurhussein will provide some answers.

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