Abandon J’Ouvert While Still Enjoying Labor Day

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Dr. Rupert Green

J’Overt has become a killing ground and the senseless murder of the young man and the young lady-who so resembles one of my daughters-draws my guttural response for ending that madness disguised as festivities.

As I visited Canada to enjoy myself, with the hope I would be safe, both youth went to J’Overt with similar intention.  Unfortunately, despite the so called "massive police presence," that was not the case.  That gives rise to ask questions and not to jump to conclusion that J’Overt should be terminated.  

Why with the "massive police presence" was that tragedy able to take place?  We do not hear of such killings at the New Year’s festivities.  Is it that the people at that celebration are unlike those at J’Overt?  Surely the people at the New Year’s festivities are majority Whites, while those at J’Overt majority Blacks?

It should be known that there are people in Brooklyn who would like to end the Labor Day parade.  However, their monies and connections are not powerful enough. After all, Labor Day money includes sold out plane flights, sold out hotels, food and liquor sell off, massive transit and taxi fares, etc.

An analogy is with people who wish to end Roe v. Wade -- they can only chip away at it. People wanting to end Labor Day parade may try to end it by chipping away at J’Overt.  

That would imply that the police are on the side of the opponents of the parade and will do nothing to stop the crime. But for that to happen, it would mean the police would be cutting their own throats. Officers receive decent overtime pay from working the parade.

Could it be that there is also neglect because the victims killed at J'Overt are Black folk as are their killers? However, most often it is decent Blacks who are being killed instead of the criminal elements shooting at other criminal elements.

Still there is a better way to stop the killings.

People could stay away from J’Overt but enjoy the Labor Day party.

Dr. Green is an educator.

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