Clinton Shouldn't Crowd Other Candidates out of NYC Mayoral Race

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Tall order? Clinton and De Blasio


There are other candidates better suited to be mayor of New York City, not Hillary Clinton merely due to her prominent political pedigree, so I'm opposed to suggestions by her supporters that she consider running.

Clinton was rejected for the U.S. presidency twice by the American voters.

The first time was when voters elected an African American, Barack Obama, as president and the second was in November when voters elected Trump--whom she and many considered a buffoon, as POTUS.

Hilary Clinton, a Democrat, not originally from New York, may be trying to replace a sitting "Black: Democratic mayor, Bill De Blasio, who was late in endorsing her presidential bid last year. Of course de Blasio is a White man; he's married to Black woman and his children will always be treated as Black. To me De Blasio has more claims to blackness than Hillary’s husband, President Bill Clinton, ever did. Bill used the claim of being a "Black man" to patronize and bamboozle Blacks.

I believe the reason why Hillary Clinton is being urged to challenge De Blasio is that the ever-divisive power structure is upset that he is doing things to help Black and Brown people of New York City such as the dramatic reduction in stop-and-frisk.

Notice De Blasio's solid poll numbers from Black voters who gave him 77% favorability and weak support from White voters, with only 28% favorability, in a November Quinnipiac poll.

Interestingly, when Hillary first ran for Senator, many in the Black community felt that she sold out Blacks. Many people in the Black community believe she and the Democratic Party establishment didn't do enough to help H. Carl McCall become the first Black governor of New York. Hillary won her bid and McCall lost.

Again, at the behest of the Democrat party establishment another opportunity was lost when then Gov. David Paterson was prevented from nominating an African American as New York's first Black U.S. senator in 2009 when Clinton resigned to become Secretary of State.

Rupert Green is an educator.

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