Inez And Charles Barron Want Preliminary Hearing In Akai Gurley's Killing By Cop

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Charles and Inez Barron, with Melissa Butler, Gurley's friend and witness to killing

State Assembly Member-Elect Charles Barron and City Council Member Inez Barron are calling on Brooklyn (King's County) District Attorney Kenneth Thompson to arrest and charge police officer Liang in the killing of Akai Gurley.

They believe that the case against Officer Liang should be conducted in a preliminary hearing which would be a public forum. A grand jury hearing would be private. New York Criminal Procedure Law Article 140 gives statutory provision for a preliminary hearing when probable cause arises outside a grand jury investigation especially when probable cause arises from eyewitness testimony plus a medical classification of death as homicide.

The information regarding the circumstances in the horrific killing of Akai Gurley, an unarmed, innocent young man, entering the stairwell in a peaceable, non-threatening, non-aggressive, provocative manner and being shot by NYPD Officer Liang lead the Barrons to believe this warrants criminal charges.

Officer Laing violated the comprehensive training, as stated by Chief Gomez, that is given to officers in how to conduct “vertical patrols”. On April 28, 2014, Chief Gomez stated that as a result of the death of innocent, unarmed Timothy Stansbury during a vertical patrol in 2004, officers are trained to not to remove their weapons from the holster; keep their finger away from the trigger; question anyone they encounter in the stairway to determine if they are legitimately in the building.

"We must remain vigilant through this entire process, until we get justice, because Black Life Matters," the Barrons said in a statement.


Contact: Phone:917-763-3091

Operation P.O.W.E.R


Editor's Note: Please sign and share the Petition demanding that the Department of Justice bring charges against Darren Wilson for violating Michael Brown's civil rights


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