New Level: Bishop Bernard Jordan is elevated to Archbishop!

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On today, MASTER PROPHET BISHOP BERNARD JORDAN will be blessed with the honor
of being elevated to ARCHBISHOP!
Bishop Jordan founded ZOE MINISTRIES in 1983, right here in Brooklyn, N.Y.,
along with his wife Prophetess Debra Jordan. Their ministry is a staple in the community.
"I was truly surprised when Bishop Roy E. Brown asked me to be elevated! This is a huge
milestone for me. Once again, GOD hid something from the Prophet.", laughed Bishop Jordan.

As the newly appointed ARCHBISHOP, he plans to focus on our youth.
"I will be dealing with our youth, specifically ages 13-30, teaching them core
values, how to conduct themselves and developing their self-esteem. We need to
reverse the effects of peer-pressure, culture differences and poor upbringings. We
need to show them how to discover themselves and what it is they want for their futures.
There is NOTHING more important than our youth!"

As a father of five, Bishop Jordan knows exactly how important it is to instill
good values into the youth. Case and point...his son, PROPHET MANASSEH JORDAN,
founder of MANASSEH JORDAN MINISTRIES. "What Manasseh has accomplished
at the age of 26, I was still stumbling with. I am extremely proud of my son.
He shot out like an arrow and a quiver! Kings kill Princes for rising too fast,
a father supports his son and revels at his success."

Bishop Jordan's elevation on today will kick off a week-long celebration begining July 9
with the Prophetic Ascension Prophecology at the LaGuardia Airport Marriott Hotel.
Prophecology training and teaching will be offered by various Prophets.
This is to be followed by a Prophetic Ascension banquet at the exquisite Oheka Castle
in Huntington, Long Island on Monday, July 11, 2016. Prophet Manasseh Jordan will
be honored with a mentee award as guests are treated to live performances by
Yolanda Adams, Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Ron Grant, Kim Burrell and many others.
It will be an awesome week full of festivities, don't miss it!

Congratulations ARCHBISHOP BERNARD JORDAN! We look forward to seeing you,
your family and ZOE MINISTRIES rise to a new level!

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