Politically Disenfranchised, Economically Marginalized: New York’s African Immigrant Communities in focus

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Prof. John Flateau

Despite vibrant and growing African communities in New York State, African-born immigrants are nowhere to be seen in prominent positions within City and State governments. This two-part seminar focuses on the issues discouraging fuller participation of African immigrants in New York’s political processes.

In the first part, Multimedia Journalist and Community Organizer Sami Disu presents metrics demonstrating the present crisis in political underrepresentation of African communities in New York City. In part two, Prof. John Flateau, PhD, Director, US Census Information Center-Dubois Bunche Center at Medgar Evers College, CUNY discusses the need for African community engagement in the 2020 US Census. Event will be held at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Date: Mon. Feb 29th 

Time: 1:30-2:50pm

Location: NB L.61

Sponsored by: Africana Studies and Forum for African Immigrant Associations (FAIA)

Follow the discussion via @FAIA_NYusing hashtag #NYAfricans 

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