A Happy Resurrection!

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Last week in “Her Death? Exaggerated!� The Black Star News brought its readers the case of 92-year old Mary Sims who visited our offices accompanied by her daughter, Beverly Sims, a 62-year-old spring chicken to report that the elder Sims’ monthly benefits had been stopped by the Social Security Administration because it had concluded that she was dead. “Oh, it says here that she expired,� one clerk had said, referring to the elder Sims, after checking the computer.

It seems that some miscreant had entered erroneous information into the computer system pronouncing her very premature death. The Sims had gone three months with no income and feared eviction from their Mitchell Lama housing apartment in The Bronx. The mother and daughter were told the person who made the data entry was on vacation and that Sims would have to wait two weeks until they returned. “You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that there is something rotten in Denmark,� declared the younger Sims. “I’ve never encountered this type of incompetence.�

After The Black Star News confirmed that Mary Sims was very much alive – by shaking her hands and checking her health insurance card—we called Social Security to deny that Sims was dead. We informed the bureaucrats in the Bronx office that Sims was badly in need of her money, her late husband’s pension payments. Two officials, Daniel Morris, and his supervisor, Andrea Wilder, declined to speak with Sims to confirm that she was alive.

But officials in the Manhattan office were much more helpful.  “I am calling to report some good news,â€? Beverly Sims finally told us when she called our offices last Friday. “They now believe my mother is alive and her name has been restored into the computer.â€? The younger Sims informed us that Bernard Rosen, contacted by The Black Star at the Manhattan office, was most helpful. The money will soon show up in her account.

Here’s to a happy ending. Mary Sims celebrates her 93rd birthday next month. We invite The Black Star News’s readers to send her a birthday card, or gifts, or even money order made out to her name, c/o Black Star News, 11 Broadway, Suite 519, NY, NY, 10004.

Our motto is “Speaking Truth To Empower.� If we can help you, contact us at (212) 481-7745.

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