Assessing Obama And Honoring Bernard White

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[On The Media]

For several weeks the public has missed the melodious voice of WBAI program director Bernard White bringing socially conscious news and information to his listeners.

White has been on sick leave for several weeks but is now on the mend and almost ready to return to action. Activists are gathering to pay tribute to Bernard White on Saturday, March 28th at 2:P.M. at CEMOTAP Center.

Herb Boyd, Amsterdam News: Milton Allimadi, Publisher of Black Star News, Atty. Joseph Mack, Betty Dopson, CEMOTAP co-chair: Omewale Clay, December 12th Movement and Ayo Harrington, WBAI co-host will speak directly to the topic, "The First 90 Days of the Administration of President Barack Obama."

"It seems as though media pundits are on a feeding frenzy of criticism and condemnation of every move that President Obama makes," said Betty Dopson CEMOTAP co-chair. "Our guests have followed the President closely and will conduct an unbiased examination of his background and brief leadership as the most powerful man in the world," Dopson continued,

"This program will also provide the perfect opportunity for White’s audience to meet or greet him and wish him well."

The free forum, which will compare President Obama’s first 90 days with the first 90 days of the George Bush Administration is being held so that forum participants can provide actual facts about the President’s efforts to jump start a stagnant economy brought on by reckless corporate greed, President George Bush’s lies, his stumbling management and corrupt cabinet members.

CEMOTAP is located at 135-05 Rockaway Blvd. South Ozone Park, New York. The F train to Sutphin Blvd and Q9 bus will bring you directly to the site.

Call 718 322-8454 for additional information.

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