Because He's Hope....

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[Election 2008]


A word of encouragement can make the difference between giving up and going on.

This older white guy asked his older Black friend 'Are you voting for Barack Obama just because he's Black'?

So the older Black guy fires back and says, 'Are you not voting for him because he's Black?’

Then he went on: ‘Why can't I vote for him just cause he's Black? Hell in this country men are pulled over everyday just cause they are Black, passed over for promotions just cause they are Black, considered to be criminals just cause they are Black, but you don't seem to have a problem with that.

This country was built with the sweat and whip off the slaves back, and now a descendent of those same slaves has a chance to lead the same country where we wasn't even considered to be people, where we weren't allowed to be educated, drink from the same water fountains, eat in the same restaurants, or even vote, so you damn right I'm going to vote for him!

Not just because he's Black, but because he is hope, he is change, and he now allows me to understand when my grandson says he wants to be president when he grows up, it is not a fairy tale but a short term goal. 

Because he sees, understand, and knows, he can achieve, withstand, and do anything just because he's Black!’



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