Call To Fire "Brutal" Cop

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Community Backs Warrens

Demands to fire and prosecute rogue police Sergeant James Talvey, accused of brutalizing human rights attorney Michael Tarif Warren andhis wife Evelyn, have intensified. 

Several hundred protesters returned to the 77th Precinct in Crown Heights last Sunday to voice their outrage.  Veteran activist Viola Plummer of the December 12th Movement and NYC Councilman Charles Barron led the rally. "There can no longer be business as usual," declared Plummer.

"We have to up the ante, this is the last straw.  They cannot continue to keep brutalizing our people, our women. Soon they will be brutalizing our babies."  She advised people to "keep their ears to the ground" for an upcoming "City wide day of outrage." 

Attorney Warren, facing charges of obstruction, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, stemming from his attempt to help a handcuffed young man being "kicked and stomped" by Talvy and other officers; wants the charges dropped but is "prepared to go to trial."  He will be represented by Attorneys Susan Tipograph, which he called "a pit bull in the courtroom," and Jill Elijah, Deputy Director of the Criminal Justice Institute at Harvard Law School and he is "certain of a victory." 

Human rights attorney Roger Wareham will be representing Evelyn Warren.Many leading activists voiced their support and view this case as partof an intensifying attack on Blacks across the country on many levels.Speakers included Ron Danielsof the Institute of the Black World, Larry Holmes of InternationalAction Center, Herman Ferguson of the Malcolm X CommemorationCommittee, Betty Dopson of the Committee to Eliminate Media Offensive to African People (CEMOTAP).

Many  voiced the need for self defense and self determination in the Black community as a matter a necessity.  Charles Barron said, " Mayor Bloombergand Police Commissioner Kelly will understand us when we shut down thiscity.  When we stop the trains from running.  When we shut down thebridges.  When we stop commerce.  That's when Bloomberg will feel the pain."

Other elected officials, led by Councilwoman LatitiaJames, held a press conference to voice their support forMichael and Evelyn Warren and are calling for an investigation into the matter.

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