CEMOTAP Hosts Noble/Autumn

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CEMOTAP is inviting the public to its April 22nd,  2006, 2:P.M. forum where Gil Noble, WABC TV host of the popular Sunday noon program “Like It Isâ€? will  discuss the topic “A Look Into The Future:  Media as it relates to the Black World in 2020.â€? 

Noble, internationally known for his insightful interviews of heads of State, celebrities, activists and historians, etc. has for several months had his unique program reduced to one half hour. Over the years overwhelming community support has saved the informative program from the chopping block.  “Obviously, one hour per week for a popular Black public service talk show  is more than officials at WABC feel that the Black community deservesâ€? stated Betty Dopson, CEMOTAP co-chair.

New Jersey, Connecticut and New York City viewers who saw “Like It Isâ€?  coverage of the Katrina disaster described it as sensational.  Scenes of devastation and  commentary from the victims of the hurricane, placed viewers in the midst of the carnage and destruction.  “How WABC TV executives can continue to tamper with such an important media resource that has such devoted viewers is baffling,â€? Dopson continued.

Appearing at Noble’s Program will be by the young, 7 year old,  controversial poetess, Autumn Ashante who created a firestorm with her poem “White Nationalism.â€? The Father of little Autumn, Batin Ashante, has reported that he has received death threats because of her poetry. She will recite this poem before educators who will examine its content. 

CEMOTAP urges the community to be present to support these two unusual individuals in their stand and efforts to speak and be heard by their people. Admission is free. 

CEMOTAP is located at 135-05 Rockaway Blvd. South Ozone Park, New York. Tel 718 322-8454.

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