Domino Sidewalk Pizza Sales Halted

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[New York Watch]

On Tuesday, October 26, 2010 police officers stopped three Domino pizza salesmen at the intersection of Nostrand and Flatbush Avenues.

When asked why they were being questioned, the driver of the Domino vehicle, Mario Dorcilien,  stated that the officers from the 70th precinct informed him that store owners, namely, Subway Sandwich Shop and its neighboring pizza shop, had called in the complaint to have the salesmen removed from this intersection because they were competing for their business.

The driver went on to say that he was instructed by his supervisor to solicit business by selling the pizzas on the street, and that this was a promotional drive by all the Domino Pizza chains. The driver stated that he was not personally responsible and attempted to have his supervisor come to the scene.

The supervisor of this crew did not show up, and the driver was issued two tickets, one for illegal parking and the other for the sidewalk sale. The date to appear in court has not been set.   



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