Mayor Bloomberg’s Con Job

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(Bloomberg---perpetrating a Con job).

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s hosting of  Black leaders and the
subsequent press conference following the execution of Sean Bell can be
classified as a con job. Until Blacks are able to appreciate critical
thinking and legal reasoning, we will continue to be conned.

Thinking is like shooting. Most adults can shoot a gun. This physical
act, however, falls short of making a person a sharpshooter. Although
everyone can think, it takes skills to become a sharpshooter. 
Everyone is presumed to know the law to ensure potential
liability.  The reality is that most of us lack knowledge and
legal reasoning.

Bloomberg’s press conference had no legal import.  His words
constituted dictum. It was designed to ensnare gullible Blacks. Under
the New York City Charter, a mayor can only appoint or remove a police
commissioner. The mayor has no legal authority to discipline police
officers. The Charter gives the NYPD the authority to police itself.

A grand jury is the only agency with the statutory authority to
investigate a crime. The district attorney is the legal advisor. Since
the execution of Bell occurred in Queens, the district attorney’s
office in that venue can impanel a grand jury. The mindset of those
secret, grand jurors will affect the possibility of an indictment.

A public relations firm obviously orchestrated the meetings and press
conference on November 27.  A casting director decided who would
star in the charade and who would enjoy supporting roles.  The bet
is that the Black masses will eat it up. The PBA is in one corner. The
Black community is in the other corner. The winner will be the
contestant who is better organized, better focused and better financed.

In the meantime, I am fighting to keep a roof over Leola W. Maddox’s
head and my head. There can be no independent voices in New York. 
Against great odds, I have continued, as a good Samaritan, to keep our
community from falling over a cliff.  This is not an easy job
especially when you must use your own resources to do the job.

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