Money Lessons for Kids

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Your paycheck doesn’t come with instructions, neither do your
children.  Yet, money is a family issue.  Before the children learn
bad habits, check with expert Candi Sparks on raising money savvy
kids.  Parents, educators and concerned citizens alike, can learn to
communicate life-saving information, in a fun, unforgettable way with
Candi Sparks' new book, “Can I Have Some Money,” Volume 3 of the series,
 "Max Gets It," .  The book provides lessons about money to those born with
a plastic spoon in their mouths. The author and educator will be at 
Barnes & Noble, Co-op City on June 26, 2008 for a book signing.

“So many people are suffering financially, and they
may even be financially illiterate.  Perhaps this is because we don’t
focus on prevention, during childhood.  In every home, language
literacy comes first. From birth, we talk, read and sing to
children.  But with money, we teach them too little, too late.  Then,
our financially illiterate young people become adults that continue
to suffer.  I believe children can learn financial literacy through
constant exposure and positive reinforcement, just as they do with
language,” says Sparks.

According to New York City Councilmember Bill deBlasio, “’Can I Have
Some Money’'
by Candi Sparks, is a readable, entertaining little book
series that is an excellent way to introduce children to the issues
of budgeting, saving, credit and other grown up money matters." 

Sparks, whose mission is to empower parents and children to become financially
literate, has authored articles including  “What Teens Want” and “Teaching
Kids About Money – Lessons For Every Age and Stage”
on .

Sparks also facilitates workshops, classroom enrichment and professional
development. designed to educate participants by focusing on self-worth while developing net
worth; subsequently alleviating fights about money; and preparing
consumers for use of third-party money, wisely.  The workshops are
lighthearted and simplify finances using everyday items like candy,
nachos and rubber ducks.  Young and old respond to these emotional
symbols of childhood to learn about money.

To find out more about “Teaching Kids About Money – Lessons for Every Age and Stage,” visit

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