NYC Say "No" To Possible Bratton Return

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[New York: Op-Ed]

Now that Michael Bloomberg managed to disregard the voting referendums on term limits, he can
move forward and campaign for his third term as mayor of New York City.

In the meantime there are those lying in wait preparing to return as part of his next administration.
Former NYPD Commissioner William Bratton is one of those lurking and waiting.
As Bratton gears for a possible return as police commissioner one former member of the NYPD says,
"There are things that the public should know before welcoming Mr. Bratton or supporting a mayor
willingly to appoint him."

Former NYPD Sergeant Charles Castro, who was on the force during Bratton's reign
as the city's top cop says that Bratton, who is set to resign as Chief of the
Los Angeles Police Department this October, has recently lobbied for the position as
New York's police commissioner, making it clear that he would like to return if given the opportunity.

Castro says Bratton is banking on the public to remember him for his "accolades and innovative
methods of statistically reducing crime." What Bratton dismisses, Castro said, is the public scrutiny during his time
as commissioner; the time when cops victimized women and communities of color.

Castro, whose book titled "NYPD BLUE LIES”, covers some dark, and very disturbing
moments during his career as an officer in the NYPD. Many of those moments occurred
while Bratton was the Police Commissioner. Castro contends that Bratton will try
to use his celebrity status - often attending awards ceremonies and press events
during his tenure as Los Angeles police chief - to influence Bloomberg or
candidate Bill Thompson if and when current Commissioner Ray Kelly steps down.

"He gallivants with Brad and Angelina, as though it was part of his job; yet he
turns a blind eye to the abuses and poor tactics applied by his officers," says Castro, of Bratton. "But, then
again, he seems to be a man after Bloomberg's own heart. If we recall Bloomberg
enjoyed the press he received after professing his love for J. Lo. Bloomberg claimed
that, he would love to, be photographed with the entertainer Jennifer Lopez,
Bloomberg garnered national attention for that comment."

Bratton's time at the helm of the NYPD was mired with corruption scandals, charges
of brutality, and wrongful death suits. Bratton made headlines throughout his
administration after being repeatedly challenged with numerous cases of police
abuses and corruption. Those cases added terms like "use of deadly force" and "choke-hold" to New
Yorkers' lexicon.

Castro highlights several chilling cases that occurred while William Bratton was
commissioner of the NYPD. Surprisingly, the officers involved in these heinous acts
were dealt with light handedly and given soft punishments, if any.

[] NYPD Officers Thomas Kavanaugh and Robert Summers: Both male white; the
inebriated off-duty officers urinated in a bank vestibule where a black homeless was
sleeping; when the man awoke and asked them to stop, they assaulted him and
ultimately framed him for robbery. Both received menial punishments and remained on
the NYPD. One is now a supervisor.

[] Det. Carlo Diambrosi and Lieutenant Daniel Nicholson: Both male white;
the two officers served in the prestigious public morals division. One forcibly had
sex with a prostitute before arresting her. The other was caught tampering with the
marked evidence money. Both received menial punishments and remained on the NYPD.

[] Officer Craig Yokemic: a male white; this officer threw a police radio at
fleeing suspect Kenneth Banks striking him on the head and fracturing his skull. Mr.
Banks died form his injuries. The NYPD cleared this officer of any wrongdoing.

[] Officer Francis Livotti: male white; numerous complaints of excessive
force were filed against Officer Livotti, which led to his being placed on a list
for special monitoring. Even in the presence of his supervisor, Livotti brazenly
choked Anthony Baez to death. What provoked this behavior was a football thrown by
Baez's brother during a pickup game, accidentally struck Livotti's radio car. In
the local courts, Livotti received a hero's welcome by officers when he was
acquitted of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. However, in federal
court he was found guilty of violating Baez's civil rights and sent to prison.
Incidentally, Livotti was convicted of choking another young man right before he was
found guilty of the civil rights violations against Baez.

[] Officers Patrick Brosnan and James Crowe: both male white; both officers
shot Hilton Vega and Anthony Rosario execution-style as the two were lying face down
on the ground. The officers claimed that the shooting was in self-defense. Their
claim disputed ballistic evidence conducted by the city. The two officers were
cleared of any wrongdoing.

Finally Castro wants to remind the public that William Bratton resigned in 1996
while under investigation by New York City' s Law Department for signing a
six-figure book deal while still commissioner; a violation of city ethics law.

Bratton was concurrently investigated for accepting numerous trips from individuals
and corporations (city law prohibited city employees from accepting gifts of more
than $50). Bratton reputation speaks for itself, his stance against police
corruption is clearly weak, and his ethics are seriously lacking.

Atkins works with Castro to promote "NYPD BLUE" Lies
Racism, Corruption, Cover-ups & Murder in the NYPD.
(646) 755-5299

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