Secret Dramas: A Novel of Dramatic Proportions

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Secret Dramas by Angela Wallace is one of the most intense novels of the year!  Meet high drama rolling girlfriends like Alexis Stewart, Jaylin Saunders, Adrienne Chambers and Sheri Thomas who are flawlessly described with masterful execution by this extremely talented and gifted writer.  Their characters are intense, bold, daring, off the edge, large and in charge. The ladies are all holding down big time positions, but Ms. Angela Wallace has added a beguiling and life threatening twist to each one's lives that become dangerously entangled with secrets and lies that hide drugs, prostitution, mob affiliation and perhaps, even murder.

Alexis is the television producer of a popular daytime soap opera. She has major issues with Stephan, an ex-lover who thinks he can take advantage of  her and block her from succeeding. Jaylin Saunders is a publisher and unfortunately is tangled in a mess with an unsavory business partner.  Adrienne is an office manager, but her affiliations with the mob may lead her to self destruction. Sheri has a high profile job as an investment manager, but her secret habit of abusing drugs may get the best of her.

The story keeps boiling to a dramatic ending filled with plenty of  action and riveting dialogue that may be the first novel to place women in control of their destiny  and all for the love of money. However, are they willing to risk it all to have it all? Secret Drama is a fast turning novel and biggest surprise of the year that will claim the author's reign to fame as the "Goddess of  Upscale Chic-Lit Drama." The novel is a winner, and ready made for the movie screen. There is no doubt that the fast paced drama will land itself into the hands of  a  big time producer. A new drama queen is born.  The author's passion for  writing is evident in this masterful and seasoned work from beginning to end and as if she has been writing her whole life.

Author: Angela Wallace
(Editor-in-Chief: Disilgold Soul Literary Review)
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