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The weatherman predicted a washout for Saturday, November 15th, but the Universe decided to hold off on the rain, in favor of Rev. Nettie Paisley’s Southern Comforts Holistic Health Fair, which transformed the beautiful Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture into a living oasis for capturing absolute Nirvana.  

The elegant 1900s, neo-Jacobean mini-mansion overlooking beautiful Prospect Park in Park Slope, has been the home of the BSEC since 1947.  An additional treat to this already breathtaking experience, guests relaxed to enjoy Reiki and Sound Therapy, “Honor and bow to the four winds with the sound of the ancient bell and pre-meditation sounds to open and balance charkas,” by Rev. Nettie Paisley (Founder of the Southern Comforts Holistic Health Fair), Reiki Master, Qigong expert and Owner of Southern Comforts Holistic Health Care, Linda Gnat-Mullin, Reiki Master and Founder of Energetic Empowerment, Glynis Roman, Reiki Practitioner specializing in Foot Detox Baths and Relaxation Sessions (347) 683-3514, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Self-Hypnosis by Practitioners Carolyn Meiselbach, Mary Myers, and Jondi Whitis, Brenda Jeanne Wyche, Creator of Physniques introduced Grandmaster Alan Lee’s Eight Silkweaving internal organ healing exercises and Dr. Ernest Hyman, Master Facilitator of Physniques conducted an interactive discussion on holistic nutrition and health followed by a sparkling physical fitness workout session that brought great smiles and laughter to the beautiful Tiffany stained glassed Sun Room, overlooking the largest private garden in the City at the BSEC.

The Comfort Café lived up to its name satisfying everyone’s appetite with delicious Bar-be-cue chicken wings, peas & rice, vegetarian dinners with pasta, salad and bread, green bean dish with salad, salsa and hummus, 6 bean dip, dpinach dip and wheat crackers, Gourmet Warm Apple Pie, Fruit Cups with Yogurt, Honey and Granola, Famous Southern Comforts Strawberry Yogurt Pie, Luscious Assorted Pound Cake Slices.  Beverages served were Homemade Lemonade, Bottled Water, Assorted Herbal Teas, Fresh Pressed Apple Juice, Natural Grape Juice.

Vendors included Silk Flowers Care, Young Living Aromatherapy & Holistic Health Care, Nutrilite Nutrition & Health Products, Handcrafted Jewelry by Pink Lame and Spotlight on Recovery Magazine.

Sponsored by AOL Health and WBAI Radio, the Southern Comforts Holistic Health Fair was a tremendous success.

When asked what led her on the path to Holistic Health and Healing, North Carolina born Rev. Paisley shared with BSN, “I have always been into herbs because my mother never drank alcohol or smoked cigarettes.  She always ate healthy foods.  Everyday my mother drank sage tea and she always believed there was some natural way to cure yourself of most illnesses.  For my mother, the remedy was either rubbing alcohol or something that grew in a backyard.
The next step that brought me into a holistic way of life was when my youngest daughter developed asthma at the age of 2.  She went into the hospital wheezing and after one week of hospital care she left wheezing (just a little bit less).  At that point, I was beginning to worry until a friend of mine told me about Golden Seal and some other herbs used specifically for upper respiratory challenges --    herbs such as lungwort, horehound, lobelia and garlic.   For several years, I put herbs together and spoon-fed my daughter until she would expel the mucous, begin to breath regular plus feel stronger, contrary to the asthma medicine she received from the hospital.   Don't get me wrong -- I still believe in going to the hospital for extreme emergencies but I hold my herbs close to my heart for many ailments.  

Now that my daughter is an adult, she runs to the emergency room because she has no time to wait for the herbs to take effect, she needs instant gratification.  The consequence, she is sick more often with some side effects on occasion.

I had challenging asthma attacks and lots of allergies.   Utilizing Golden Seal, vitamin C, exercising and giving up whole milk along with white flour, white rice, white bread, white sugar and standard pasta,  it took me about 2 years to control my allergies.   Recently, becoming a semi-vegetarian and juicing on occasion, my skin is clearing up and I am losing weight with simple walking exercises.  
Later on in life, I received a really great massage that included a great deal of pampering.   My grandson was wise enough to purchase the massage as a mother's day gift.   After the massage, the shower and rub down in delicious herbs I was hooked on self care for restoration and piece of mind.   

Not long after that due to extreme stress at work and some personal issues, I became very sick.   I retired and was responsible for helping to cure myself. Doing research on some of the many medications, I found out that long term I could become a candidate for Lupus.  
After retiring from my job, I thought about opening a business and was advised to think about a business centered around my passion.    Creating a holistic practice came to mind, as I am totally committed to eating well plus developing and maintaining a positive attitude.   The landlord of the building where I had my business was a very negative person but he told me about this practice called Reiki. He swore it was designed to promote inner peace.   Looking at his negative personality, I ignored his suggestion to try Reiki.   Well, Reiki came to me when I visited a holistic event and the rest is history.   After becoming a Reiki Master, for 21 days my mind, body and spirit went through a lot of changes until I felt at peace and my true purpose was revealed.   Peace and beauty have become a way of life even through trying times, I can recite the Reiki principle:  Just for Today, I will not worry.   My desire and purpose is to make myself and others happy but instead of being a martyr or becoming very altruistic, I have learned the art of reciprocity.   Self care and respect are very important to your ability to move forward.  
Becoming a minister from an interfaith perspective was a natural path for me to pursue.  Reiki is based on the greatest good of yourself and others and you honor, without judgment, every path, faith or philosophy.  The general belief for most is that these paths, faiths and philosophies lead to God or a higher power.   I have become so connected to myself and in my case, my God, and at the very same time, I am also open enough to respect and honor all faiths, paths and philosophies.  You quickly learn to accept that you are not here to be popular, you are here to be effective.   People don't have to look like you or think like you to be appreciated.  You must learn how to make yourself happy and set standards to maintain it then the world is yours!”

The harmony between Paisley and husband, jazz celeb, Ed Stoute cannot go unnoticed as they relentlessly support and involve themselves in each other's passions.

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