Unlock Your Dreams Conference

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Everyone has dreams. Whether to be a highly paid and sought after author, motivational speaker, guru, singer, dancer, actor, mom-preneur, homeowner, supermodel, business owner, boss, journalist, entrepreneur, road warrior, world explorer, archaeologist, happily married wife, happily married husband, world's greatest parent, lover, hero, inventor, billionaire, doctor, lawyer, mentor, governor, CEO, chef, rocket scientist, or anything else conceivable to the human imagination, we all envision the possibility of some day living the life we so passionately desire. 

Unfortunately, conditioning from the turmoil and disappointments of life has caused many to feel that "lofty" aspirations of living the life one dares to dream of are merely the conceptions of some outlandish childlike fantasy, and as such, should be immediately dismissed.  These are souls that mourn lost hope and allow fear, doubt and procrastination to devour their dreams and sentence them to a life of routine and a painfully monotonous daily existence, leaving them to wonder, “Why do I even get out of bed in the morning?” 

But now for the good news, Brothers and Sisters -- even the non-believers who endure this type of debilitating thought process day after day, still have hopes and dreams lying in wait deep within – explosive, happy and exciting dreams  – dreams of brighter days that bring vitality, color and passion to their lives -- dreams that have been safely locked away deep inside the dark caverns of their soul, clamoring to be unleashed.

The Unlock Your Dreams Conference is coming to New York City August 9th, 2008 and it is coming to awaken the powers you possess within, ultimately, enabling you to unlock your dreams and make those miracles happen in your life.

You will enjoy a lineup of celebrity speakers to help you, including Cheryl "Salt" Wray from Salt n Pepa, Cheryl “Coko” Clemons from SWV,  media personality, Egypt from Power 105.1, Michelle Mitchell from The Phenomenal Women Group, Simone Kelly-Brown of Own Your Power Communications, award winning journalist and author, Renee Daniel Flagler, Georgia Woodbine, author of How To Make Big Bucks Without Selling Your Soul,” community advocate, Anthony "Tony" Herbert, award-winning actor and prostate cancer awareness advocate, Kevin Byrd and others who will share with you the methods by which they unlocked their dreams while showing how the same can happen for you.

The event will be hosted by Dominic Carter, NY1’s “Inside City Hall” host, senior political reporter, and author of the riveting book, No Momma’s Boy,” [the true story of his schizophrenic mother who tried to murder him when he was a baby]. 

Salt will be the keynote speaker.

Everyone under the sun can benefit from this conference.  So, whether you dare to dream or even if you don’t believe in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny or love at first sight; if you've never tried to "catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day," or never chased a rainbow, here is your chance to unlock your dreams and make them real. 

All the haters out there who endure a daily existence of watching others living YOUR dreams and enjoying the life you know should be YOURS, this is your opportunity to turn it around and claim it. 

Unlock Your Dreams Conference is happening August 9, 2008, 2:00 pm sharp, at the Holiday Inn, 440 West 57th Street in New York City.

The Unlock Your Dreams Conference is presented by GORJA RCC Marketing.

To register, logon to http://www.unlockyourdreamsconference.com/

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